How to Grow Dwarf Mango Tree in a Pot from Seeds

How to Grow a Potted Mango Tree from Seeds

Mango, the fruit, comes from a tropical tree, very little tolerant to frost, and dies easily when the temperature drops below 32°F (0° C). Also, before you know how to plant mangoes you need to know that this plant needs a lot of space to grow, which is why if you have little space or live in a too cold area, growing a mango tree can be a mission impossible. But not all of them are bad news since you can grow a dwarf mango tree in a pot. Learn everything, step-by-step, about How to Grow Dwarf Mango Tree in a Pot from Seeds.

The scientific name of the mango fruit is Mangifera indica. It is characterized by its sour, spicy, and sweet taste.

How to Grow Mango from Seeds in a Pot

A mango tree can grow up to 105 ft (32 m) high, although it depends a lot on the variety cultivated. Currently, there are more than 500 varieties of mangoes that can live up to 100 years with the necessary care.

A grafted mango tree can produce fruit in at least 3 years, with the first 3 to 5 years being the time when it becomes larger and produces fewer flowers and fruit. After the fifth year of maturity of the plantation, the production of fruit is increased notably.

Previous tips on How to Plant Mangoes

Soil to be Used with the Mango Crop

A tip on how to grow mangoes is to use well-drained soil, rich in organic matter that can dry out easily, with a pH level of between 5 and 6.5. Use a high-quality potting mix and then add compost or manure and perlite for healthy plant growth.

Sunlight for the Mango Tree in a Pot

The mango tree needs a lot of sunlight and heat to thrive. You could say that it needs 8 to 10 hours of full sun for optimal growth and productivity. A tip on how to plant mangoes is to place the container with the face south so it receives more intense and adequate sunlight compared to other directions.

Watering a Potted Mango Tree

Generally, mango trees grown on land do not require much water, but the watering conditions for potted plants are different. It is necessary to water the mango plant regularly in its first year. After that, start watering when the top of the soil is dry. Then increase watering when it is time for flowering and fruit production.

How to Plant Dwarf Mangoes

If you want to sow from the seeds you can start badly as these can take up to 8 years to start producing fruit and there is even no guarantee that they will ever produce fruit.

Being one of the best options on how to grow mangoes buy them as a plant.

Don’t forget to check out the type of mango crop you will choose; in this case, we will talk about the dwarf mango because it is the one that can be planted in pots but there are a lot of varieties so the best way is to ask at your local nursery.

how to grow dwarf mango tree in a pot from seeds
On your right, the mango fruit from a Dwarf Mango tree

How to Grow Dwarf Mango Tree in a Pot

To grow a mango tree in a pot, the first thing to do is choose a dwarf mango variety. Otherwise, it could not develop. The dwarf mango tree will bear fruit in a short time, even in a pot. Therefore, firstly, choose a dwarf variety. We must make sure to get quality dwarf mango tree seeds.

A dwarf mango tree grows to a height of 7-13 ft (2-4 m), being suitable for a pot.

mangoes varieties

There are many varieties that can grow in a pot, among which the Irwin and Nam mangoes stand out. Some other varieties: Glenn, Carrie, King of Thailand, Palmer and Cogshall.

To start the process of how to plant mangoes we will start by planting the dwarf mango tree seeds in a pot with the right size for the plant, later we must update the pot periodically as the plant gets bigger.

how to grow dwarf mango tree in a pot from seeds

A piece of good advice on how to plant mangoes is that if you live in a cold climate area, use a dark-colored pot since mangoes prefer heat and in a certain way the black color can absorb it.

how to grow dwarf mango tree in a pot from seeds

Also make sure the pot has good drainage holes, as this plant does not like wet soil. During the winter we have to move the pot from the tree to the interior. If you live in an area where the cold is constant make sure you can easily move the container.

how to grow dwarf mango tree in a pot from seeds

The best time to start the process of planting mangoes is in the spring, however, this depends on the variety.

Care for a Dwarf Mango Tree in a Pot

A balanced fertilizer should be used when it is in full growth. At the beginning of the flowering, the amount of nitrogen should be decreased and its feeding should be increased with high amounts of fertilizers with potassium and phosphorus.

A continuous pruning can stimulate its growth. The mango tree does not require continuous pruning, however, it is necessary to prune dead and diseased branches, as well as control their shape. Keep in mind that excessive pruning can decrease fruit production in the next year.


The most common pests that attack this tree are hoppers, mealybugs, mites, and spiders, reducing the vitality of the tree and causing less fruit production. These must be controlled as soon as possible using organic pesticides.

How to Care for a Dwarf Mango Tree in Winter

If you live in a cold climate and still want to grow a mango tree in a pot, your main interest will be the winters. You will need to move the pot indoors when the temperature drops below freezing.

In this place, you should place it in a room near a window so that they receive some sunlight in the daytime. You can try to heat the room, using growth lights made with halogen light by raising the temperature and light. You can also cover the plant to insulate it from the cold.

dwarf mango tree leaves

Harvesting Mango

After flowering, the ripening of the mango fruits occurs in the next 2-4 months, this depends a lot on the climate and the variety you have planted.

Another advantage of hot and humid climates is that the fruits ripen quickly. The fruits should be plucked when they have a pleasant aroma. The fruits can also be harvested when they are not yet ripe and are usually used in the manufacture of sorbets, pickles, and hot sauces.

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