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How and When to Harvest Broccoli

In this article, we will explain how and when to harvest broccoli correctly. If during the fall and spring you took care of your broccoli correctly, you will soon be able to harvest broccoli in your garden.

You are probably wondering when to pick broccoli and what are the signs that broccoli is ready to harvest. Read on, and you will learn all about how and when to harvest broccoli.

Harvesting broccoli can be a little tricky, but we can observe some changes in the plant that will indicate when the broccoli is ready to harvest.

How Do You Know When Broccoli Is Ready to Harvest

How Do You Know When Broccoli Is Ready to Harvest? You can tell that broccoli is ready to be harvested by observing the following things on the broccoli plant.

  1. The broccoli head should be firm and tight. This is the first sign of harvesting broccoli.
  2. The size of the broccoli head is usually between 4″ and 7″ (10 and 18 cm) wide when it is ready to be harvested. But the size of the broccoli is not the only indication to harvest it, so it is not only the size of the broccoli that you will harvest it.
  3. The size of the florets of the broccoli is also a clue to knowing when to harvest broccoli. The florets should have a good size.
  4. The color of broccoli is very important. The florets should be deep green color. If yellow florets are already visible, harvest immediately. It is never good for broccoli to flower.

When to Harvest Broccoli? Broccoli is usually harvested about 3 to 4 months after planting, depending on the length of the growing season.

When to Harvest Broccoli? It should be harvested before the head becomes too large, and the individual flowers open.

By observing these changes in the broccoli plant, you will know when the broccoli is ready to be harvested.

how do you know when broccoli is ready to harvest
Broccoli head ready to be harvested.

When to Pick Broccoli

When to Pick Broccoli? To pick broccoli, you must observe the head of the broccoli. The color of the broccoli is very important to know the right time to harvest it, and you should also make sure that it is not flowering, or it will be a little late to harvest it. The color of broccoli for picking should be deep green.

Always use a sharp knife to pick the broccoli, to achieve a perfect cut, and to be able to continue picking broccoli over time.

when to pick broccoli
When to Pick Broccoli? Broccoli should be picked about 3 to 4 months after planting in the garden.

How to Harvest Broccoli

How to Harvest Broccoli? When the broccoli head is ready to harvest, I recommend using a sharp knife and cutting the broccoli head off the plant. You must use a sharp knife to avoid damaging the broccoli plant so that you can harvest it once again.

After harvesting the main head of broccoli, you should continue harvesting the side shoots that will grow later. There are several varieties of broccoli, and depending on the variety of broccoli planted, you may get some secondary heads after harvesting the main head.

When to Harvest Broccoli? It is recommended to harvest broccoli at night. Harvesting broccoli during the day may cause sun damage to the broccoli. Immediately after harvesting, the broccoli heads are refrigerated for better preservation.

Tips for a Generous Broccoli Harvest

Growing broccoli at the right time according to the region is essential for the good development of the plant. Proper fertilization of the broccoli plant and proper care against pests will provide an abundant broccoli crop.

The soil must be rich in nutrients to have an excellent development.

Another important point to ensure your broccoli will thrive is to eliminate weeds. Weeds take away nutrients that the broccoli plant needs and this causes it not to develop properly.

Snails and slugs are the two pests that most affect broccoli. Be sure to keep pests away from broccoli.

If you want to know more about broccoli, we recommend our article on how to grow broccoli from seeds.

tips for harvesting broccoli
Broccoli head ready to harvest and consume.

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