VIPARSPECTRA 2024 240W P2000 LED Grow Lights


Revolutionize your indoor gardening with the VIPARSPECTRA 2024 P2000 grow lights. Experience the pinnacle of innovation with our latest top components and revolutionary diode layout, meticulously engineered for unparalleled performance and safety. Harness the power of the scientific diode distribution coupled with the MEAN WELL XLG series driver, ensuring a uniform PAR map and optimal canopy penetration, resulting in maximum yield and reliability.

Illuminate your plants with the perfect blend of light spectrum, including 660nm red light, 3000K, and 5000K white light, simulating natural sunlight for every growth stage from seed to bloom. Achieve optimal coverage with ease, providing 4’x3′ of vegetative coverage at 24″ and 4’x2′ of flowering coverage at 20″. Remember, adjust height and brightness for your plants’ specific needs to unleash their full potential.

Take precise control of your growth environment with the integrated dimmer knob, fine-tuning brightness for each phase of growth. Expand your cultivation capabilities effortlessly with the daisy chain feature, allowing connection of up to 20 P2000 grow lights for commercial, horizontal, vertical farming, greenhouse planting, hydroponics, and more.

Engineered for durability and efficiency, our fanless design and robust aluminum heat sinks ensure superior heat dissipation, guaranteeing a long lifespan and consistent performance. With low energy consumption and high PAR output from the MEAN WELL XLG series driver, accelerate growth processes and increase yields while saving on energy costs.

Unlock unbeatable value with plug-and-play simplicity, backed by professional guidance, friendly customer service, and US local after-sales support. Ensure authenticity by choosing genuine VIPARSPECTRA grow lights for an exceptional shopping experience. For any inquiries, reach out to us anytime, and let us help your plants thrive.


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