VIPARSPECTRA 2024 Upgraded P2500 Led Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum


NEW DIODE LAYOUT & DAISY CHAIN FUNCTION: Introducing VIPARSPECTRA’s latest innovation, the P2500 grow light, now upgraded with a more scientifically optimized diode distribution. This ensures the most uniform PAR map and deepest canopy penetration, unlocking the full potential for maximum plant yields. The daisy chain function allows seamless connectivity of up to 20pcs P2500 grow lights, ideal for commercial growing, horizontal and vertical farming, greenhouse planting, hydroponics, and more.

COST-EFFICIENT OPERATION & DIMMER FUNCTION: The P2500 LED grow light adopts cutting-edge SMD LED Technology, delivering high PAR output, exceptional energy efficiency, and robust light emission. Experience greater yields while significantly reducing energy costs. The addition of a dimmer knob provides precise control over brightness levels, enabling tailored growth performance for each phase of plant development.

OPTIMAL FULL SPECTRUM LIGHT & SUPERIOR HEAT DISSIPATION: Featuring a comprehensive full spectrum, including 660nm red light, 3000K, and 5000K white light, the P2500 provides plants with all the necessary light wavelengths for optimal growth from vegetative to flowering stages, mimicking natural sunlight. Engineered for durability, the fanless design ensures silent operation, while built-in large solid aluminum heat sinks guarantee efficient heat dissipation, extending the light’s lifespan.

LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION GROW LIGHTS: The P2500 is equivalent to a traditional 500W HPS/MH grow light while consuming only 250W, offering exceptional energy savings. Perfect for vegetative coverage of 4’x3’ at 24” height and flowering coverage of 4’x2’ at 20”. Adjust the height and brightness levels according to your plants’ requirements for optimal growth.

TRULY BEST VALUE: Experience hassle-free setup with plug-and-play functionality. Benefit from professional guidance, friendly customer service, and US-based after-sales support, ensuring a seamless shopping experience and optimal growth conditions for your plants.


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