Humboldts Secret Everything Outdoor Plant Food – 5-5-5 Liquid Fertilizer with Kelp


Elevate Your Plant Care Regimen and Witness Flourishing Results – Our signature Everything Outdoor liquid fertilizer concentrate is your go-to solution for nurturing vibrant plant growth. With a balanced 5-5-5 N-P-K ratio, this fertilizer provides your plants with the perfect blend of essential macronutrients and micronutrients, ensuring robust health and vitality.

Abundant Kelp Infusion for Vital Micronutrient Support – Enriched with a generous dose of kelp, this yard fertilizer is teeming with beneficial soil microbes and trace minerals, expediting seed germination and fostering accelerated growth. Whether you’re tending to your lawn, garden, or flower beds, our nutrient-rich formula will amplify growth and yield bountiful harvests of vegetables.

Comprehensive Nutrient Delivery for Optimal Plant Nutrition – Engineered to deliver a comprehensive nutritional profile, our lawn fertilizer spray addresses any nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium deficiencies with precision. In addition to the essential macronutrients, our outdoor plant fertilizer also contains vital micronutrients such as boron, chelated iron, molybdenum, and sodium, ensuring thorough nourishment for your plants.

Versatile All-Purpose Fertilizer for Every Outdoor Space – With its perfectly balanced NPK composition, our liquid lawn fertilizer is suitable for application on all types of grass, plants, bushes, fruit trees, herbs, and vegetable gardens. Simply spray this spring fertilizer for lawns across your entire outdoor landscape for a thriving yard and garden bursting with life.

Effortless Application with Hose End Spray Bottle – Everything Outdoor comes in a convenient refillable 32 oz bottle equipped with an attached hose end sprayer, offering hassle-free application. Alternatively, you can opt for hand watering or use your preferred fertilizer sprayer to apply this liquid plant fertilizer. Ensure thorough coverage by applying with plenty of water, allowing the nutrients to permeate the soil for optimal absorption.


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