Gravex 20 EW (16 oz) Fungicide by Atticus (Compare to Eagle 20EW)


Empower your disease control efforts with Gravex 20 EW, a potent solution boasting enduring fighting power against a plethora of plant diseases. Formulated with 19.7% myclobutanil, the same active ingredient found in Eagle 20EW specialty fungicide, Gravex 20 EW stands as a reliable ally in your quest for broad-spectrum disease eradication.

Combat and Prevent: Gravex 20 EW goes beyond mere treatment, offering both curative and preventive capabilities to effectively tackle existing infections while thwarting future disease development.

Beyond Dollar Spot: Gravex 20 EW doesn’t stop at dollar spot control; it extends its powerful influence to combat over 38 troublesome plant diseases. From anthracnose to brown patch, red thread to rusts in turfgrass, and powdery mildew to scab and black spot in ornamentals, Gravex 20 EW has you covered. Consult the product label for a comprehensive list of controlled diseases.

Versatile Protection: Whether it’s your lawn, landscape, golf course, or greenhouse, Gravex 20 EW is your go-to solution. Approved for multiple use sites and a wide range of plant species, including common turf species, over 100 ornamental plants, and residential fruit trees, Gravex 20 EW adapts to diverse environments with ease. For specific application directions and a complete list of tolerant species, refer to the product label.

Growth-Centric Defense: Don’t let disease impede your plants’ growth. Gravex 20 EW employs upward systemic mobility to shield tender new growth from within, ensuring protection as vegetation matures. With a lasting inside-out approach, Gravex 20 EW provides up to 28 days of continuous protection.

Important Note: Gravex 20 EW is not available for sale in Alaska, Hawaii, New York, or Vermont. Always prioritize safety by carefully reading and adhering to label instructions.


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