Actinovate NI30745 Lawn & Garden Fungicide, 2oz


Introducing Novozymes Act Novate Organic Fungicide, a revolutionary solution for safeguarding your lawn and garden. With a potent 2oz formula, this product stands as a formidable barrier against root diseases in ornamentals and vegetables, providing robust protection against fungal threats.

Targeting both root and foliar diseases, Novozymes Act Novate Organic Fungicide delivers comprehensive defense against a wide range of fungal infections. From vegetables and herb gardens to annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, lawns, and hydroponic setups, this versatile fungicide is your go-to solution for maintaining plant health across various environments.

Embracing the principles of organic gardening and lawn care, Act Novate is approved for use in organic practices, ensuring environmentally friendly disease control without compromising on effectiveness. Powered by patented and registered microbes, this fungicide offers unparalleled peace of mind for your gardening endeavors.

Whether applied as a spray or drench, Act Novate provides flexible application options for combating root and foliar diseases effectively. Elevate your plant care regimen with Novozymes Act Novate Organic Fungicide and enjoy thriving, disease-free gardens year-round.


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