Best Soil for Peace Lily and How to Care

The Peace lily (Spathiphyllum) is a houseplant that lives well in low light and is very easy to care for. I love Peace lily because it is so elegant and decorative in any environment. It is also one of those species that removes many toxins from indoor air. In this article, we will explain what is the best soil for the Peace lily and its care.

Homemade Soil for Peace Lily

The Peace lily needs soil that retains moisture and provides nutrients. The soil for the Peace lily should provide moisture, but should never be waterlogged, as this will cause the roots to rot and the plant to die.

You can make your Peace lily soil, here is our homemade recipe for the best soil for Peace lily:

These three ingredients mixed in equal parts will create the best soil for the Peace lily.

Another recipe for homemade soil can be the following:

We will also combine these three ingredients in equal parts.

homemade soil for peace lily
What soil is best for peace lily? The best soil for the peace lily will be the one in which we mix the following ingredients: Potting soil, perlite, and bark chips.

Best Soil for Peace Lily

If you can’t put together your soil mix for your Peace lily, we recommend these soils that come ready-made and ready to use without you having to get all the ingredients and mix. These are the best soils for a Peace lily.

These soils have all the necessary ingredients to preserve the moisture of your Peace lily so that it grows perfectly.

How to Care for Peace Lily

Not only is it important to have the best soil for the Peace lily, but it also has other requirements that you need to know so that it can develop properly.

how to care for peace lily
Soil mix for a Peace lily. There are already prepared soils that are suitable for a Peace lily.


Regarding temperatures in the care of the Peace lily, we must say that it is a plant that does not like the cold, so it is grown as a houseplant outside its natural habitat. It lives well with normal indoor temperatures in our homes. But it is important to keep it away from both hot and cold drafts. You know, don’t put it in a hallway or near an air conditioner.


Peace lily tolerates living in low light, they are unlikely to bloom if they don’t receive bright beams of light from a window or lamp. Keep in mind for Peace lily care that they can tolerate all types of lighting as long as it is not direct, and they will bloom more the lighter they receive.


The ideal watering for a Peace lily (Spathiphyllum spp.) to develop properly is to keep the soil in which it lives evenly moist, but not too wet. Water well when the substrate dries out, but do not leave it dry for too long or waterlogged for too long. Allow all the water to drain well before placing the pot in a pot saucer.

It prevents it from wilting. When Peace lily lacks water, you can notice it right away because the leaves begin to wilt. You will see that, as soon as you provide water, the plant recovers surprisingly. But if it wilts too often or for too long, you will notice that many leaves turn yellow.

Just as it tolerates low light but lives better with proper lighting, the Peace lily can survive low water levels, but will never thrive as well as when proper watering is followed.


Peace lily does not need a heavy fertilizer, just apply half the dosage indicated on the product’s package insert once a month. Fertilize during spring and summer, the plant’s growth and flowering periods.

Peace Lily Fertilizer | Spathiphyllum Plant Food | Liquid Fertilizer for Spathiphyllum Pot | Peace Lily Plant | Spathiphyllum Sensation | NPK Fertilizer by Aquatic Arts
  • PEACE LILY PLANTS FERTILIZER: Npk fertilizer is designed to treat freshly planted peace lily seeds or existing large peace lily houseplant.
  • COMPOSITION TO YIELD: 3-1-2 miracle ratio specialized for peace lilies will care for and grow clevelandii, domino spathiphyllum, mauna loa supreme, power petite, red peace lily, silk spathiphyllum, wallisii and more. Structured nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium liquid plant food provides real nutrient-dense application to soil and roots.
  • USABILITY: Fall fertilizer can be easily incorporated into spath plant maintenance. Combine 1 teaspoon of solution per two cups of water. Use this mixture to water your Peace Lily once per month during months with plenty of sunlight (usually March through October). Optionally, use this mixture once per month from November to December, and skip January through February if the plant becomes dormant. Ensure species receives sufficient water and natural light exposure.


Spathiphyllum usually flowers best when its roots are somewhat tightly potted. Repot when there are so many roots that, because of the lack of substrate, it is difficult to keep the plant sufficiently watered.

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We hope this article on the best soil for Peace lilies and how to care for them will be of great help to you.

repotting peace lillies
Peace lily natural habitat. The Peace lily is native to the Americas from Mexico to Brazil, it lives in tropical climates, including the Caribbean islands.
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