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What to Plant in April โ€“ Ultimate Guide

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In this article we are going to talk about what to plant in April in the vegetable garden, what are the main maintenance tasks you have to perform during this month, and some tips for the care of your fruit trees.

When spring arrives, we want to take advantage of the longer days, embellish our vegetable garden with the crops that we can already transplant, and start new plants. In this article, we want to give you the necessary tips and recommendations to make April a very productive month.

As we always tell you in the garden calendar sections, keep in mind that the weather in April varies from one area to another. Continue reading to find out what to plant in April in the vegetable garden.

In April, What Vegetables to Plant?

April is a magical month when everything happens with incredible speed, this is the month when you can make a schedule in the plantations in terms of leveling them so that you get a good harvest. During April many types of plants can be planted.

  • Aromatic plants sprout strongly. Sage and lavender bloom with long spikes.
  • You should harvest the last crops of Brussels sprouts, chicory, spinach, and cauliflower.
  • Important harvests of artichokes, broad beans, or leeks come from autumn and winter.

What to Plant in April Step by Step

To plant in April it is necessary to keep in mind that there are several scenarios for growing vegetables, among which we have:

By direct sowing to the ground: In this section, we have several plants that are not necessary to make seedbeds: chard, chicory, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, cilantro, spinach, chickpea, parsley, turnip, lentil, pea, corn, carrot, radish, and beet.

By seedbed and subsequent transplant to the garden: Prepare the seedbed with a good special substrate for seedlings and when they have very good roots you can transplant to the ground: eggplant, onion, celery, all cabbages, endive, beans, watermelon, tomato, cucumber, leek, peppers.

Seedlings ready for transplanting: We have in April a great variety of seedlings to continue their development already in the ground: iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, red and white onion, zucchini, eggplant, yellow chili, oak leaf, cucumber, peppers of all types, leek, all types of tomato, grafted watermelons.

what to plant in april step by step
What to Plant in April? In April many varieties of vegetables and herbs can be planted because of the increased temperature.

Tasks To Do in Your Garden

It is time to plan and design how we are going to conduct all activities that have to do with the implementation of our garden, keeping in mind the preparation for the rest of the year.

Soil Conditioning for The Garden

Soil conditioning is one of the main tasks to be done in the vegetable garden regardless of its size or location. This conditioning consists of completely weeding the soil, and applying a good amount of compost based on earthworm humus rich in minerals. This mattress fulfills several functions: it protects the soil from sudden temperature changes, maintains humidity, and prevents the proliferation of weeds.

It is always recommended that the substrate to condition the soil has to be of good quality and ecological, therefore the worm humus is combined with coconut fiber which results in a light substrate that helps to aerate the plants, contains sufficient nutrients, and maintains the humidity. Learn more about how to make a worm composting bin.

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Planning The Garden โ€“ What to Plant in April

Sketch how you want to make your garden or how you want to improve the one you already have, either in the garden, in pots, or in a larger garden. To do this you should consider the following:

  • Know the watering needs of the plants that make up the garden, so you can save time, energy, and effort.
  • In the same way, consider how much light they will need according to their needs so that they achieve good development, and you can harvest for longer.
  • Amount of substrate to use according to the plants that you are going to plant or that you already have in your garden.ย  This varies and by taking this aspect into account, you will obtain fruits in very good condition.
  • Consider the planting of compatible crops to protect each other (crop association) in addition to the cycle of each of them. This process is easy and very simple.
  • The irrigation system is another very important task to perform since in summer the temperature reaches extreme levels. For this reason, you must prepare the necessary irrigation points in time to cover your planting without any setbacks.
  • Start preparing the seedbeds, it is the right time because the cold weather and freezing nights are over. It is time to take advantage of the sunny days.
planning the garden april
Planning the Garden in April.

Wonderful Opportunity for Fruit Trees in April

It is good to know the exact dates when each fruit tree flowers or bears fruit as well as the months in which planting should be done. The best time to plant fruit trees is undoubtedly from autumn to early spring, avoiding the harsh winter as much as possible.

Precisely in April is when we will witness the miracle of flowering of many fruit trees, see if these flowers have set, and depending on that project how abundant the harvest will be. We will also harvest those fruit trees that reached the end of their cycle:

In April numerous fruit trees bloom, such as Apricot, Cherry, Plum, Fig, Lemon, Orange, Pomegranate, Quince, Loquat, Apple, Pear, Peach.

In April, you can harvest several fruit trees, such as citrus, cherries, and plums (as we always say will depend on the climate of your region and the variety you are growing, as there are earlier and later).

Care Of Fruit Trees in April

Fruit trees require special attention because they are fulfilling a cycle that almost always begins in the fall, to culminates in the spring when the sun allows them to close a cycle with the production of their fruits.ย  In the orchard, it is necessary to have a periodic routine to provide them with the necessary care so that they can follow their natural process.

Thinning the trees that present an overwhelming amount of branches mixed with fruits, selectively eliminating the small fruits along their branches. Of course, this will reduce production but with the certainty of obtaining higher quality.

You should also plant in early spring or a little earlier if the weather is already warm, those fruit trees that we could not plant in autumn.ย  However, with special care: they must be bare-root fruit trees without leaves since they will need their roots to take root and begin their development.

Fruit trees that need stakes should be treated with the utmost care, as they are newly planted to avoid damaging the roots.ย  That is why the direction of the prevailing wind must be taken into account, and they must be fastened with rubber bands, which give very good results.

Ecological fertilization is indispensable, without excesses so that the plants do not overload and begin to fall their leaves and become victims of pests and diseases. It must have a substrate rich in nutrients that maintain humidity.

care of fruit trees in april
Care of Fruit Trees in April.

Indispensable Tools for The Garden in April

In April several elements will be of help for the success of your garden. Here are the ones we consider indispensable:

  • A weather station to know the weather in advance (Order here).
  • Growing bed, if your garden is on a patio or terrace (Order here).
  • Composter to produce your organic fertilizer or compost (Order here).
  • A greenhouse is not superfluous in colder climates (Order here).
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tools for the garden
What to Plant in April? For example, April is a good time to plant lettuce or radishes.

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