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Snake plant is one of the most popular plants of the 70’s that again has become fashionable. It is one of the most resistant to have indoors because it withstands darkness and low temperatures very well. But sometimes they present problems, and one of them is yellow leaves on snake plant.  

What Causes Yellow Leaves on Snake Plant

Yellow leaves on snake plant can be due to several factors such as excess watering, poor drainage, excess lighting, and much more. That’s why in this article we will explain how to identify the problem and fix it so that your snake plant grows healthy and strong.

what causes yellow leaves on snake plant

Yellow Leaves on Snake Plant Due to Excess Watering

The main reason why the mother-in-law’s tongue develops yellow leaves is due to water retention problems or excessive watering.

We should stop watering the plant immediately when we notice that the leaves start to turn yellow. Remember that the snake plant is succulent, so you should only water when the substrate is completely dry.

Another common problem is that the soil retains too much water. Repot your snake plant in well-drained potting soil.

We use universal substrate and add a little perlite to improve drainage. We also recommend using terracotta pots.

Yellow Leaves on Mother-In-Law’s Tongue Due to Temperature

This “indestructible” plant can survive both outdoors and indoors. The ideal temperature for it is between 60 and 70 °F (16 and 21 degrees). But if you, have it outdoors, it can withstand light frosts of up to 37°F (3°C).

But if the mother-in-law’s tongue receives an abrupt temperature variation in a short time it could show yellow leaves.

The most important thing if you don’t want to have yellow leaves on snake plant is to avoid temperatures below 32°F (0°C).

Keep snake plant away from drafts caused by air conditioning vents, windows, and doors.

yellow leaves mother in laws tongue temperature

Leaves Turning Yellow Due to Excess or Deficiency of Light

Yellow leaves on mother-in-law’s tongue may be due to excess or lack of lighting. First of all, we must make sure that it never receives direct sunlight because it will damage its leaves.

But also, if it receives too little light, its leaves will turn yellow, the ideal is to place the snake plant in a window where it receives indirect light, or if it is direct that it is in schedules that the sun is not so strong.

Recommendations for Caring for Your Snake Plant

To prevent the leaves from turning yellow in our mother-in-law’s tongue we can follow these tips.

  • Fertilize with fertilizer for succulents following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Make sure that the substrate has good drainage and if it is in a pot that it has good drainage holes.
  • Never overwater or the plant will rot.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or the leaves will be damaged.

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caring for you snake plant
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