Soil pH Meter, 3-in-1 Soil Moisture/Light/pH Tester Gardening Tool


Unlock the secrets of versatile 3-in-1 Soil Meter. Switch between measuring soil moisture, pH levels, and sunlight intensity with ease. This meter eliminates the need for batteries – simply insert it into the soil, wait a few minutes, and accurate results will be displayed on the readout panel.

Crafted with reliable materials and utilizing upgraded technology, this soil meter ensures advanced, high-quality performance for long-term use. Its sturdy and scientific design makes it a reliable tool for all your soil testing needs.

Whether you’re tending to a house garden, farm, or lawn, this multipurpose soil test kit is portable and compact, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Gain valuable insights into your soil’s composition and optimize your plant care routine. Invest in the precision and convenience of this soil meter for a thriving garden and plants both inside and outside your home.


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