Park Seeds Lisianthus Flower Seeds, Charisma Rose, Pack of 25 Seeds


Charisma is a delightful addition to the cutting garden, and you won’t believe how long-lasting and elegant these double-flowered beauties are in the vase. They’re a must-have for all of us who grow flowers for indoor arrangements.

Standing tall and vigorous, Charisma boasts fully double 3-inch blooms in a mesmerizing shade of rosy pink, reminiscent of delicate roses. Yet, unlike their rose counterparts, Charisma is remarkably easy to cultivate and presents an extended vase life that defies expectations.

With their sturdy, slender stems reaching up to an impressive 30 inches, Charisma lends itself effortlessly to dramatic floral displays, each stem adorned with multiple buds bursting with flower power.

Embark on your Charisma journey by starting the seeds indoors in late winter, allowing them to germinate uncovered either atop the medium in a seed flat or nestled within the Bio Sponge of your Bio Dome. Witness the magic unfold as germination occurs within a mere two weeks, under the gentle embrace of temperatures ranging from 65 to 68 degrees F.

When the seedlings boast at least two sets of true leaves and the soil has warmed with the arrival of spring, transplant them with care, ensuring they’re past all threat of frost. Prepare to be enchanted by Charisma’s enduring beauty and effortless charm, adding a touch of floral magic to your world.


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