Beneficial Insects For Garden – Garden Allies

beneficial insects for garden garden allies

When it comes to maintaining the health of the garden, many people automatically associate the presence of insects with the danger of pests. Although people tend to feel a certain rejection or apathy toward these animals, there is no need to rush to resort to insecticides. Throughout this article, you will learn everything about beneficial …

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How to Care for a Rose of Jericho

how to care for a rose of jericho

The Rose of Jericho, also called Doradilla or resurrection plant, is a very curious plant, easy to care for even for the most inexperienced gardener. It is a plant full of curiosities and contradictions. First of all, the Jericho plant is attributed with magical properties and also the possibility of attracting good luck, which is …

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How to Dry Lavender At Home

how to dry lavender at home

Lavender, with the scientific name Lavandula, is in fact a genus of aromatic plants that are highly prized both for its hardiness and for the pleasant scent that its characteristic bluish-colored inflorescences give off, used in a multitude of aromatic and cleaning products. Because lavender is an easy and beautiful plant to grow, many people …

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