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Sago Palm Fertilizer: How and When to Fertilize

Sago palms (Cycas revoluta) are not exactly palm trees, they are ancient fern plants called cycads. In this article, I will explain everything about sago palm fertilizer so that you will always have your sago palm in excellent condition.

The sago palm is very popular among gardeners because it can be grown both in pots and outdoors. Sago palm is not very demanding in care, but with correct fertilization, you will have your sago palm always green. According to the University of Florida, the sago palm is drought resistant but not frost resistant. Learn more about how to take care of sago palm.

What Fertilizer to Use for Sago Palm

What Fertilizer to Use for Sago Palm? If you regularly fertilize your plants, you will have noticed that on the fertilizer packages, there are three numbers separated by dashes. These numbers are known in the gardening world as NPK values, each letter representing a nutrient. These are the NPK nutrients:

  • N: The letter N means nitrogen and is very important for leaf development. Nitrogen is also very important for plant photosynthesis.
  • P: The letter P means phosphorus, a very important nutrient in the general development of plants. Phosphorus helps in the development of roots, stems, flowers, and fruits.
  • K: Lastly, the letter K means potassium. Potassium gives plants more resistant to diseases. Potassium also helps with plant growth.

In addition, each NPK number specifically indicates the percentage by weight of the nutrient to the total weight of the fertilizer. For example, if you have purchased a bag of 10-15-20 fertilizer. This sago palm fertilizer contains:

  • 10% of Nitrogen
  • 15% of Phosphorus
  • 20% of Potassium
  • The remaining is minor nutrients and other components.

With this explanation, you know what NPK means. An excellent sago palm fertilizer will be 12-4-12. Read on to learn more about sago palm fertilizer.

sago palm fertilizer npk
What Fertilizer to Use for Sago Palm? An NPK 12-4-12 fertilizer is excellent for the sago palm.

Best Fertilizer for Sago Palm

Best fertilizer for sago palm is the one containing the values 12-4-12. Normally, 12-4-12 fertilizers are commercially available for all types of palms, which is perfect for the sago palm.

For sago palm, it is best to use slow-release fertilizer with a similar or equal concentration of nitrogen and potassium. Read the manufacturer’s directions to know how much fertilizer to use correctly, it may vary slightly depending on the fertilizer manufacturer.

Sago palms will absorb nutrients best in well-drained soils with a soil pH between 5 and 7. I recommend measuring the pH of the soil before fertilizing your sago palm. A soil with a different pH may cause magnesium deficiency, and then you will start to see the sago palm turning yellow.

I recommend not applying lawn fertilizer near the sago palm because it can affect the sago palm, it is best not to fertilize the lawn near the sago palm. Fertilizers for lawns have a very different NPK than the one needed for the sago palm.


When to Fertilize Sago Palm

When to Fertilize Sago Palm? Sago palm trees should be fertilized when the sago palm is in the full growing season, i.e., in spring and summer. Check the pH of your sago palm soil before you start fertilizing. Use slow-release sago palm fertilizer and apply it if possible before it rains.

when to fertilize sago palm
When to Fertilize Sago Palm? Fertilize the sago palm during the spring and summer, when the sago palm is developing.

How to Fertilize Sago Palm

How to Fertilize Sago Palm? Fertilizing a sago palm tree is very simple, you only have to consider the type of soil and the sun where your sago palm tree is planted.

If you have your sago palm in sandy soil with partial sun, you will need 3 lb. (1.2 kg) of sago palm fertilizer per 54 square feet (25 m2) of soil. On the other hand, if you have your sago palm in clay soil or the sago palm grows in the shade only use half the fertilizer, or about 1 ½ lb. (0.6 kg) per 54 square feet (25 m2).

I always recommend reading the manufacturer’s instructions for each fertilizer because dosages vary from one manufacturer to another. The application is also different if the fertilizer is liquid, granular, or in sticks.

If possible, apply sago palm fertilizer before rainfall. If it does not rain, you should water after applying the fertilizer to your sago palm.

How Often to Fertilize Sago Palm

How Often to Fertilize Sago Palm? It is best to fertilize the sago palm gradually throughout the growing season, so fertilize during the spring and summer three times.

For example, the sago palm can be fertilized in the first days of April, then at the beginning of June, and finally in the first days of August. This is for the Northern Hemisphere.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, fertilize the sago palm in early October, then at the beginning of December, and finally in February. This will ensure the correct frequency of fertilizing the sago palm.

We hope this article about sago palm fertilizer will be of great help and that you will always keep your sago palm in excellent condition.

how often to fertilize sago palm
How Often to Fertilize Sago Palm? Fertilize your sago palm during spring and summer in three stages.

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