How to Transplanting Plants – Complete Guide

Transplanting our plants either from a pot or to another place in the ground is very important for the correct growth of the plants. It is a process a little delicate but not for that reason difficult. Learn all about how to transplanting plants in this complete guide.

When to Transplant a Plant

The best time to transplanting a plant is before it starts flowering. At the time of flowering the plant is already expending a lot of energy, and relocating at that time could be very bad.

It is also not good to transplant at a time when the weather is very cold, so the best time to transplant our plants is in late winter and early spring.

A good time to transplant is at a time when we do not have too much sun or heat. Cloudy days or in the evening would be a good time to transplant our plants.

The vast majority of potted plants are repotted every year, slower growing plants can be repotted every 2 years.

How to Transplanting Plants – Step by Step

Now that you know when to transplant a plant, we will explain how to transplanting plants step by step.

1- First we will choose a suitable pot for transplanting. Make sure it has holes to drain the water.

2- Before changing the plant pot, we will check its leaves and branches, remove the leaves and branches in bad condition before the transfer.

3- Place one of your hands on the soil and turn the pot upside down, while with the other hand gently tap the base of the pot.

If you are unable to loosen the soil, tap the rim of the pot on a hard surface until you can loosen the entire root ball. Then place it in the new selected location or pot.

4- Loosen the roots a little if they are very compacted, this will help to absorb nutrients better.

5- Place the plant in its new location and cover the roots completely with the appropriate soil.

6- Water the plant and leave it in a place without direct light for at least two to three days. Then you can place it in its final location.

By following these steps, you will know correctly how to transplanting plants.

how to transplanting plants

Tips for Transplanting Plants

Finally, here are some tips that could be of great help when transplanting plants.

  • Watering the plant an hour before transplanting will help to remove it from the old pot.
  • We recommend working in the shade and protecting the roots from direct light while transplanting.
  • Always disinfect the tools used to prune the branches.
repotting plants
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