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How Keep Christmas Tree Fresh – Guide

If you have not yet bought your Christmas tree or if you have already bought it and want to keep it as fresh as possible until January 6, these tips can be very useful. Learn all about how to keep Christmas tree alive in this post.

Tips to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer

1. Before you buy it, make sure you do it in places where they are not exposed to the sun. This dries them out faster.

2. Pass your hand over the branches and check that not too many leaves fall off. This is a sign that it is fresh and will last longer.

christmas tree snow
How Keep Christmas Tree Fresh.

3. Before taking it home, ask them to cut at least 0.78” (2 centimeters) off the trunk and when you get home, put it in a container with hot water. This way, the pine will be hydrated. Leave it there for at least 3 hours and do not expose it to the sun. If you can, take a piece of cloth big enough to cover the tree on your way home. This will prevent the air from drying it out.

5. It is best to get a base where you can put water so that the tree is always fresh.

6. If you have one of these bases, check that it always has water, because the tree trunk can dry out and this will prevent it from absorbing the liquid when you water it.

7. Water it at least once a day. In this way, you will not only prevent it from drying out, but also from losing fewer leaves.

christmas tree fresh
How Keep Christmas Tree Fresh.

8. Avoid placing the tree near heat sources, as this will speed up the dehydration process and dry it out faster.

9. Try not to light the Christmas series all day. The heat from the light bulbs makes the tree dry faster.

If you follow these tips your tree should not be too dry at the end of the year. But don’t wait until February to discard your tree, or dry needles will cover your floor during the process. Ask your city sanitation department for details, as many will accept donated Christmas trees to create mulch for city parks.

Fresh Tree

With this guide, your family can proudly display a Christmas tree that stays alive and fresh during the winter vacation season.

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