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When to Plant Potatoes in Kansas

Potatoes are a crop that does well in cold weather, but they do not tolerate frost. The best time to plant potatoes in Kansas is between mid-March and late March. In this article, I will cover everything you need to consider when planting potatoes in Kansas. Continue reading to find out when to plant potatoes in Kansas.

When to Plant Potatoes in Kansas

In Kansas, it is possible to plant potatoes twice a year. The best time to plant potatoes in Kansas is from mid-March to the end of March. People usually start planting potatoes in Kansas on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. Planting potatoes at the right time will provide a quality crop.

It is also possible to plant potatoes in Kansas in early to mid-July. This way you can get a crop of potatoes before winter sets in and store potatoes for a long period. Normally people in Kansas plant potatoes in March, but as I mentioned earlier, others plant twice a year.

Potato crops grow well in cold climates but do not resist frost, so it is very important to check when the last frost will be. Below is a table of average frost dates for the year 2024 in different cities in Kansas. This way you will know the right time to plant potatoes in Kansas and have a successful harvest.

CityLast Spring FrostFirst Fall FrostGrowing Season
Wichita16-Apr21-Oct187 days
Topeka21-Apr16-Oct177 days
Olathe16-Apr23-Oct189 days
Kansas City10-Apr29-Oct201 days
Garden City3-May11-Oct160 days

The dates mentioned above may vary, so I recommend checking with the local forecast. This way you will be able to plant potatoes in Kansas at the right time. Potatoes require the soil where they are planted to have a temperature above 50 °F (10 °C). You can also plant potatoes in grow bags to better protect them from frost. 

In summary, it is best to start planting potatoes in Kansas in March. Additionally, you can use a mulch to protect your potato crop and help conserve moisture.

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Planting Potatoes in Kansas

Growing potatoes in Kansas also requires consideration of soil quality, irrigation, and the best potato varieties to grow in Kansas. Some potato varieties do much better in Kansas soils than in other states. Below are some tips for planting potatoes in Kansas.


Potato cultivation adapts to a wide variety of soils, the most important thing when growing potatoes is that the soil is rich in nutrients and has good drainage. With good drainage, you will be sure to prevent several diseases such as root rot.

The ideal pH for potato cultivation is quite wide and lies between 5 and 6.8. Before you start planting potatoes you may want to measure the pH of the soil to get a better understanding of the pH. I recommend you read our article about how to measure soil pH.

If your soil is not rich in nutrients you can improve the number of nutrients by adding some compost or decomposing organic matter. I recommend you read our article on how to make a worm composting bin.

soil for potatoes in kansas
When to Plant Potatoes in Kansas? Mid-March through late March is a good time to plant potatoes in Kansas.


Potato plants need moist and well-drained soils. Never let the soil become waterlogged or various diseases may appear on the potatoes and the entire crop may be lost. It is essential to have well-drained soil for the correct development of potatoes.

Use mulch to conserve moisture in the potato plant. Lack of water during plant growth and development will result in small, misshapen potatoes. For more efficient irrigation you can use a soaker hose or drip irrigation system.

Tips for Growing Potatoes in Kansas

According to the University of Kansas, some potato varieties are better than others for planting in Kansas. These are the best potato varieties to plant in Kansas:

  • Red Norland
  • La Soda
  • La Rouge
  • Reddale
  • Viking
  • Irish Cobbler
  • Crystal
  • Kennebec
  • Norchip

Always select quality seeds to ensure they are disease free and have an excellent germination rate.

Prepare the soil: Potatoes require a well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. Before planting, work in plenty of compost or well-rotted manure to improve the soil structure.

Water regularly: Potatoes need consistent moisture, especially during the growing season. Depending on the weather, water deeply once or twice per week.

Control weeds: Keep the potato bed free of weeds to prevent competition for nutrients and moisture.

By following these tips, you can successfully plant potatoes in Kansas and enjoy a bountiful harvest.

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tips for growing potatoes in kansas
Tips for Growing Potatoes in Kansas.

Final Conclusions

Planting potatoes in Kansas is easy. Just choose the right potato variety and follow the tips mentioned in this article. Make sure the soil has good drainage to avoid diseases in the potato plant.

I hope this article on when to plant potatoes in Kansas will be helpful and that you will have an excellent harvest. To learn more about potato harvesting I recommend you to read our article on when are potatoes ready to harvest.

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