What To Plant In September – Ultimate Guide

September is an especially sweet month for those of us who enjoy working in the garden, and it is one of those times of the year when we see how our entire garden is transformed so that the last summer crops give space to a whole wave of new autumn and winter plants. Discover what to plant in September and have a beautiful garden.

If you want to know what to plant in September in the urban garden or a vegetable garden in the countryside, as well as what flowers to plant in September, join us in this article in which we prepare your growing space for the cold months in the northern hemisphere and talk about what to plant according to the weather. Take note!

What To Plant in The Garden In September According To The Climate

Depending on the climate in which you live, the crops to plant in September can vary greatly. This is because it is a transitional month when the heat of summer gives way to autumn, and weather changes are especially noticeable in these cases. Mediterranean climates have much warmer September, while continental climates will notice an earlier arrival of cold weather.

It is also important to differentiate what can be planted with simple direct sowing, from what we can go ahead with within seedbeds. Seedbeds are a very practical tool that allows us to make much better use of the space in the garden, germinating the seedlings indoors and under a controlled environment, to transplant them to the soil when the plant is already a little more developed and stronger.

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What To Sow In September In a Mediterranean Climate

Direct sowing: carrot, broad bean, pea, spinach, radish, turnip, borage, parsnip, chicory, artichoke, chard, garlic.

In seedbed: lettuce, onion, chard, artichoke.

What To Sow In September In Continental Climate

Direct sowing: spinach, radish, turnip, borage, parsnip, artichoke, chard, garlic.

In seedbed: endive, lettuce, onion, chard, artichoke.

What To Sow In September In The Atlantic Climate

Direct sowing: spinach, endive, radish, turnip, borage, parsnip, artichoke, chard, garlic.

In seedbed: lettuce, onion, chard, artichoke.

It should also be taken into account that when it comes to crops such as onion, lettuce, or spinach, widely diversified and with varieties for different times of the year, it is necessary to choose the appropriate variety for sowing in September, i.e. winter or short-day varieties.

What To Sow, Transplant, and Harvest in September

In addition to the crops mentioned above depending on each climate, there are some species that we can plant in practically all climates in September. Some of them are:

We can also plant many aromatic plants such as saffron, rosemary, parsley, thyme, mint, sage, arugula, and valerian.

Regarding the time to transplant outdoors in September, the ideal is to pass outside already the plants that you had prepared in seedbeds of these species:

Be careful with transplants, however, as September can be stormy in some areas. Make sure that your young seedlings are not exposed to violent storms or sudden temperature changes, waiting a few weeks if necessary.

Finally, you can harvest the following vegetables from your garden in September:

It is also a good time to get dried beans and lima beans, whether you want to eat them or preserve their seeds.

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What To Plant In September In The Garden

Not all the world of plants is a vegetable garden, and September is also a very important time for gardens. Many bulbs are planted at this time, as it is also an opportunity to remove the summer annuals and prepare the garden for winter.

In September you can plant bulbs like these, which will bloom next spring:

It is also a very good time for shrubs. For example, you can multiply shrubs of many types, such as pyracantha, skimmia, perennial Viburnum, or phlomis, with cuttings. Laurel and holly will also appreciate sowing now. In addition, you can prepare some early perennials or biennials, such as pansies or marigold, for transplanting in a few weeks when they are ready.

What To Plant In September In Pots

Among the pots intended for terraces or indoor plants, September is still the best time for bulbs as well. If you want to plant flowering plants in pots, prepare violets, pansies, poppies, daisies, alyssum, wallflowers, and carnations, as well as primroses and cyclamen.

For planting in the urban garden in September, you should use pots of up to 6.5 Gallon (25 L) for broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, peas, and celery, as well as beets, arugula, lettuces, and radishes, the latter needing considerably smaller pots. You should use grow bags with handles for plant in September (Order it here).

Depending on your climate, you may be able to place these pots on terraces if it is not too cold yet, or you may have to move them indoors.

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