What To Plant In October – Ultimate Guide

With the arrival of autumn, many people think that the days of gardening are over. Nothing could be further from the truth! And checking it out is as simple as taking a look at the October planting calendar. A fantastic way to discover the crops that we can still enjoy with the most authentic flavor. Those that are the fruit of our work and care. Learn all about what to plant in October in this article.

Indeed, the October planting calendar is considerably reduced compared to other times of the year. However, this does not mean that we have to give up our crops, but rather that we will have to adapt our diet to what the garden gives us in this transitional season before the cold.

Something that we do naturally since a good part of the crops in the October planting calendar is precisely vegetables that are common in winter recipes and stews.

What To Plant In October – Calendar

At this time of the year, few sowings still bear fruit in optimal conditions. For this reason, we should take advantage of this time of year to clean beds or urban garden tables to replant from scratch.

In this way, we will be able to take advantage of the nutrients in the substrate for those crops in the planting calendar that require it or compensate for the lack of them with other less demanding ones. This gesture of rotating tillage will prevent the proliferation of fungi.

Let’s see what is the sowing calendar in October and, what is more important, what we will have to prepare in seedbeds or what we can plant directly in the soil.

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What To Plant In October – Leaf Crops

To achieve those resources we were talking about and use the nutrients, we will have to place this type of bushes where we had planted vegetables of the so-called voracious. Within this group are tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, or eggplant. In this way, we will be balancing the land of crops that demand a lot of food from the soil with others that are less demanding. Here are some leaf crops to plant in October.


One of the recurring crops throughout the year, both for its simplicity and its hardiness, is lettuce. It is perfect for beginners as well as for more experienced gardeners. What we must take into account is:

– Sowing in seedlings, preferably in small peat pots.

– When the plant has at least four leaves, transplant it to the ground or a container of at least 0.8 Gallon (3 liters) of capacity.

– Gentle and frequent watering, as this crop needs moisture as needed.

– Harvest within two to four months.


This is one of the key vegetables in the October planting calendar. We say this because spinach is a classic in many winter recipes. Among its planting requirements are:

– Direct sowing from seed to soil or in a container, such as a garden table, of at least 0.8 Gallon (3 liters).

– Gentle and frequent watering, always avoiding waterlogging.

– Harvesting in three months


Another classic of winter salads is arugula. A vegetable that has been gaining weight in the Spanish tables and that, in addition, does not present any difficulty in its cultivation. As characteristics that we must contemplate are:

– Direct sowing in soil, without the need for a seedbed.

– Abundant watering, always keeping the substrate moist.

– Harvesting in six weeks

Swiss Chard

Another common vegetable in the dishes of our homes in cold weather. Like the previous crops of the October planting calendar, chard is not very complicated. In short, it is as follows:

– Direct sowing from seed, with no need for seedbed or transplanting. Unlike other leafy crops, chard needs a good amount of soil. The ideal will be around 6.6 Gallon (25 liters).

– Gentle and frequent watering, always maintaining moisture in the substrate.

– Harvest in three months from sowing

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What To Plant In October – Root Crops

For the success of our harvest, we will have to plan these crops where we had planted leafy bushes, as all those previously mentioned. Here are some root crops to plant in October.


This is a vegetable widely used in autumn and winter recipes. It is a low maintenance plant so that, once planted, we can forget to pay much more care:

– Direct sowing of the seed, without seedbed or transplants, in a container of about 1.8 Gallon (7 liters) of the substrate.

– Frequent watering

– Harvesting in three months


A somewhat more delicate crop than all those we have mentioned so far will be noticed with the onion, not so much once it is transplanted but, rather, in the previous steps. The criteria for planting:

– Sowing in protected seedbed, preferably in small-sized peat pots.

– Transplanting into a culture container of at least 1.3 Gallon (5 liters) when the germinated stems have a thickness of just under half a centimeter.

– Watering sparingly, allowing the substrate to dry out between waterings

– Harvesting in three months, and subsequent drying before consumption for six months.


One of the favorite vegetables for children and in many of the stoves of our kitchen. And if this were not enough, it is a planting of incredible rudeness and simplicity. Plant carrot in October is perfect. What we must take into account:

– Direct sowing of the seed, without transplanting or seedbed, in a container that is at least 12″ (30 centimeters) deep.

– Gentle watering to maintain the humidity of the substrate.

– Harvest four months after sowing.


Leeks are the last of our proposals for the plant in October, but not the least attractive. As suggestions for its sowing it is worth mentioning:

– Direct sowing in the ground or, if when we do it we have low temperatures, we will do it in the seedbed. Ideally, the cultivation container should be at least 12″ (30 centimeters) deep.

– Gentle watering, maintaining the humidity of the substrate.

– Harvest after five months

We hope that this article on what to plant in October will be of great help and that you will have an excellent harvest in your garden.

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