How to Prune Tomato Plants – Ultimate Guide

Once we have our tomato plants in the ground and they start to grow it is important to do good pruning to have larger and better-developed fruits, avoiding loss of energy in creating new shoots and leaves. Learn all about How to Prune Tomato Plants in this article.

How to Prune Tomato Plants – Step by Step

It is easy to prune tomatoes following these instructions.

1- First we have to decide if we want 1, 2, or 3 branches on each plant. This will depend on whether we want them to occupy a circular space each one or if we want them to be in a line or furrow with the rest of the plants, or furrows wide enough to allow the plants to grow without getting in each other’s way. The same would apply to pots according to the space we have in our balcony or terrace.

2- Once we have decided the number of branches, we will eliminate all the shoots or suckers that appear in the axils of the leaves, between the insertion of the leaf and the stem. We will do this periodically and thus we will have stronger and more aerated plants.

3- Depending on the quality of the soil of our orchard and its preparation, pruning will be done by cutting the branch when it has two or three flowering buds. Every 15 days you can check and give the cuts, always with the plant dry to avoid fungus problems.

4- If we do not want the tomato plants to exceed a certain height because we don’t want to stake them or because they shade other plants, we will cut them at the predetermined height every 2 weeks and always when the plant reaches that size.

5- There are cases and areas where plants are kept producing for a long time and can be trained and trellised by having the new tomatoes further and further away from the base of the plant until the end of the cycle. This is another way to take advantage of little soil space and have more production.

tomatoes plant pruning

Types of Tomato Plants

The first and most important thing to know before we start pruning our tomato plant is to identify what type of plant we have. Depending on this, it will require different care. There are two main types of tomato plants: determinate and indeterminate.

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Indeterminate Tomato Plant

Indeterminate tomato plants grow non-stop, so the pruning of suckers is very necessary if we want to harvest tasty and good quality fruit. These tomato plants also need staking and produce tomatoes in a fairly staggered manner throughout the season. Some indeterminate tomatoes are Beef heart, black cherry, or Muchamiel.

Determinate Tomato Plant

Determinate tomatoes, on the other hand, are more bushy and compact. Once they reach maturity, they stop growing and produce all their fruits simultaneously, which requires a much faster harvest. These tomatoes are much less demanding with pruning, as they do not produce as many suckers. Some specific tomatoes are Marmande, cherry gold nugget, or Roma.

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