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How to Plant Sunflower Seeds – Ultimate Guide

In this guide, we will show you how to plant sunflower seeds. You will also learn what it requires for proper growth and how to harvest it.

The sunflower is a native plant of America, around the year 1,000 B.C. it was already cultivated in this continent. At the beginning of the 16th century, the Spanish introduced the sunflower in Europe. Francisco Pizarro discovered it in Peru, where it was venerated as a symbol of their Solar God.

When to Plant Sunflower Seeds

Before knowing how to plant sunflower seeds we must know when and where to plant sunflower.

Towards the middle of spring will be the right time to repot your sunflowers to the vegetable garden, garden, or their definitive pot. Doing it this way, from the seedbed, we advance the whole process, thus ensuring the success of the crop.

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How to Plant Sunflower Seeds Step by Step

Here we will explain how to plant sunflower seeds step by step and have an excellent harvest.

1. To bury the sunflower seeds we must choose summer days, although this plant can withstand different temperatures, planting should be planned so that the plant in the course of germination and growth has at least 6 to 8 hours of sunshine a day, this is a key point in the sowing of sunflower seeds.

2. The next thing to take into account is the proportion of the sowing, to better understand, the proportion is nothing more than the distance that has to be in the crop so that the plantation does not sabotage itself.

The proportion of sowing is done in rows of no more than 4 plants per meter, this means that the separation between one plant and another should be at least 10″ to 12″ (25 to 30 cm).

3. The sunflower rows should be spaced at least 28″ (70 cm) apart to ensure that the seeds have room to develop fully.

Before planting the seeds we make sure that the planting site has a good drainage system and optimum fertilizer and moisture preparation.

4. Once we have ensured the condition of the soil and taken into account the provisions mentioned above, we proceed to plant the seeds at a depth of approximately 0.8″ (2 cm).

We must remember that although the type of soil is not vital for the sunflower, its seed does not germinate easily in compact soil because it has a very weak stem in the early stages of growth.

5. If the sowing of sunflower is homemade, it should be taken into account that we must choose varieties of sunflower called “miniature” which are more malleable and aesthetically more attractive.

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How to Care for Sunflower

Now that you know how to plant sunflower seeds and will be able to have your plant from germinated seed, we encourage you to take note of the main care of sunflowers:

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Light for Sunflowers

The most important thing to take into account for the care of sunflowers, as its name suggests, is that they are located in a location where they receive a minimum of 6 hours a day of direct natural light.

Watering Sunflower

As the plant needs so much sun, it also requires very constant watering, since it dehydrates because of light, as all sunflowers do. Water your sunflowers every so often, although it is not necessary to water them with large amounts of water each time. The ideal is to maintain moderate and constant watering, without puddling or keeping the soil always wet. Watering is also especially important in the early stages of the plant. You will know that your sunflower needs more water if its leaves begin to curl downward or if the corollas show signs of retracting.

Soil and Substrate for Sunflower

As far as the soil is concerned, it is good for the plant to have depth in which to root. The organic matter is favorable but not necessary, although the contribution of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium is. Good drainage is also essential.

Sunflower Seeds Harvest

In only 3 months the plant will have reached maturity and its final size and can be harvested in summer so that its seeds can be planted the following spring. Learn more about how to harvest sunflower seeds.

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