How to Plant Seeds – Guide for Gardeners

When propagating by seeds we have to take into account the type of sowing we are going to do: direct or in a protected seedbed. In both cases, we will need a specific substrate for seedbeds, as well as a small watering can with water. Learn how to plant seeds in this guide.

How to Plant Seeds: Planting Systems

Below we will explain two methods for you to learn how to plant seeds correctly.

Seed Propagation by Direct Sowing

In this case, we start with direct sowing cultivation, in which we sow the seeds directly in the container in which the plant will grow. Once the pots have been filled or the sowing area has been prepared, we broadcast the seeds directly into each pot. They have to be buried between two or three times their size.

sow seeds direct soil

Reproduction of Seeds in Seedbed

In this case, we start with protected sowing, in which we use a seedbed and a small greenhouse to help our plants in their first days of life. Then we will repot the seedlings to the definitive container.

seedbed seeds sow

Tips on How to Plant Seeds

When planting and storing seeds, we must take into account certain steps that we must do.

We must treat the seeds to be stored or planted with copper sulfate, this will help us to avoid problems with fungi.

It is also essential to choose a substrate with good drainage, for example, we can add vermiculite or perlite to our soil to improve drainage. Good drainage helps us to prevent the seed from rotting.

It is very important not to bury the seed too deep, because when it germinates it will not have the strength to reach the surface with its sprout. Most of the seeds only need to be covered with a thin layer of soil.

Finally, it is very important to water regularly without waterlogging the seeds.

tips on how to plant seeds
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