How to Harvest Basil Seeds – Step by Step (Photos)

Today we will explain how to harvest basil seeds step by step. This way you will get organic seeds from your own plant.

It is very important that before taking the seeds from your plant, make sure that the plant from which you are going to take the seeds is not infected by any fungus or pest.

If you have other flowering plants similar to Basil, the process will be the same.

How to Get Basil Seed

We are going to explain step by step how to harvest basil seeds, these are the materials you will need.

Basil with seeds

Glass jar


First of all to get seeds, although it sounds redundant, you must know that your plant has to be ready for this process. How do I identify if the seeds are ready? it is super simple. You only have to observe that the flowers of your plant are dry, inside them you will see the seeds. It is important that as soon as the flowers are dry, extract the seeds, without letting too much time pass.

In the following photos, you will see the flowers of the basil plant in an early stage, that is to say, not yet ready to extract the seeds:

how to get basil seeds 1
how to get basil seeds 2

The following photo shows the basil flowers with the seeds, ready to be cut, I hope you can tell the difference, they are already dry and brown.

seeds basil 01

You should also know that there are times when your plant flowers at different times. That is, it has ripe seeds to take out and at the same time flowers that are just being born. In the following photo, you can see it.

seeds basil 02

Well readers, since we were able to see the difference between the flowers that are ready to take seeds and those that are not, I leave you the step by step of how to do this simple process.

How to Harvest Basil Seeds Step by Step

1- Identify the dried flowers with seeds. Cut the branch with seeds.

dried flowers with seeds

2- Carefully remove the seeds from between the flowers.

drying the seeds 1
drying the seeds 2

3- Group the seeds.

how to harvest basil seeds 01

4- Store the seeds in a glass jar. I recommend labeling the jar with as much information as possible; the name of the plant and the date.

It is very important that you store the jar in a place with no humidity, low temperature, and no light. To avoid humidity, you can mix your seeds with rice.

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