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How to Grow Scallions – Step by Step

The scallion is one of the easiest vegetables to grow because they produce a lot and do not require much space! It is a crop that can not miss at home. Today we will show you how to grow scallions from seed.

How to Grow Scallions from Seed

Space Needed for Scallions from Seed

Because scallion grows upwards (vertically), they don’t require a lot of space. This makes it perfect for small spaces in the garden, and it will even grow in your kitchen window. It has a shallow root system, so it can be grown in even the smallest pots.

In short, it is also ideal for growing scallions in pots.

Light for Scallions

The scallion tolerates partial shade but will grow better and stay healthier in full sun. Just keep in mind that they like moist soil, so don’t plant them in hot, dry soil.

Soil for Scallions

The scallion plant or scallion (as they say in some countries) can grow in a wide variety of soils, as long as they are rich in organic matter, and if we add light soil, even better. This species can also be grown in planter pots and as we said before, they do not need to be too deep.

scallions crop harvest

How to Grow Scallions

The scallion can be sown as a seedling four to eight weeks before repotting outdoors or sown directly in the garden four weeks before the last frost date in spring.

During growth, it tolerates low temperatures, but to form a bulb it needs higher temperatures 68 to 77°F (20-25°C) and long days, i.e. about 12 to 16 hours of light. Fewer hours of light than required (short days) will produce leaf growth only.

Seeds are sown 0.4″ (1 cm) deep, 0.4″ (1 cm) apart and with a row spacing of 12″ to 16″ (30 to 40 cm).

At repotting time, scallion seedlings are placed 1.2″ (3 cm) deep with 2″ to 3.5″ (5 to 9 cm) spacing.

It is advisable to tamp the soil as they grow to whiten the stem.

how to grow scallions

How to Grow Scallions: Diseases and Pests

Among the diseases and pests that attack this type of crop, the onion fly is the main one, since its larvae grow in the bulbs and even kill the plant. If this happens you must eliminate all the affected onions to prevent them from spreading to the rest of the crop. Other diseases such as white rot and downy mildew could also affect them.

Harvesting Scallions

Scallions take about 8-12 weeks from seed to harvest. You will have beautiful scallions in no time!

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