How to Grow Potatoes in a Pot Step by Step

Potatoes are an indispensable food in any healthy diet. Luckily, it is very easy to grow them organically at home. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to grow potatoes at home. The process is really simple. Learn How to Grow Potatoes in a Pot step by step.

How to Grow Potatoes in a Pot

These are the steps for planting potatoes in pots, take note!!!

1- Select a place with good lighting, remember that light will be indispensable in the cultivation of potatoes.

2- Start the crop with the tubers that have the largest sprouts.

3- Prepare the pot, for this you must add a layer of 12” (30 cm) of the substrate.

4- Next, sowing your potatoes in the pot. To do this, the correct position is to place the sprouts pointing upwards.

5- Cover the potatoes with soil. In this step, you should make sure that the substrate is slightly moist. Also, be careful not to fill the pot to the top. You will need some space for the growth of your crop.

6- Add substrate as your crop grows. Remember that there is nothing better than including homemade compost to provide nutrients. You can take as a reference to add layers of only 4” (10 cm). The important thing is not to spoil the leaves, as your potato crop will depend on their growth.

7- It’s time to harvest potatoes in pots! If you have followed the above steps in a short time your harvest will be ready. To remove the potatoes you can empty the entire contents of the pot and take them one by one.

potatoes grow bag
Another option is to use potatoes grow bags.

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Watering Potatoes Plant

If you’re learning how to plant potatoes at home, you’ve probably asked yourself this question. Luckily, we have the answer. You should simply water whenever necessary to keep the substrate slightly moist.

However, during watering, you should avoid letting the water stagnate in the pot. This could cause you to lose your entire crop. A great alternative to avoid this problem is to plant potatoes in textile pots.

When to Harvest Potatoes

One way to recognize that the harvest is ready is when the plant begins to die. This will be the right time to remove the fruits from the potato crop. This is likely to happen after seven to eight weeks after sowing.

At this time you should withhold irrigation and cut the stem of the plant. After this, you should wait about 10 days to begin harvesting. Simply peel off the tubers to start harvesting the ripe potatoes.

potatoes harvest