How to Grow Potatoes from Potatoes – Ultimate Guide

The potato is a vegetable that few people do not like. Its many uses and neutral but interesting taste make it the most important tuber, at least in some countries of the world. Learn all about how to grow potatoes from potatoes in this article.

The potato plant, also known as Solanum tuberosum is very ancient. It is believed to have originated in South America about 8000 years before Christ, specifically in the Andean highlands. During the Spanish conquests, it was brought from Peru to Spain and the rest is history. There are more than 5000 varieties of potato and each country has one that is the most common, however in Peru alone you can find about 1500 varieties.

Having your potato plant is very easy, you just need to follow some instructions on how to plant potatoes and have patience.

How to Grow Potatoes from Potatoes

Place the potatoes you want to plant in a cool space with natural light for 6 weeks or until you see the sprouts appear. It is advisable to start this process once the last frost has passed (ideal potato sowing season). If you want small potatoes, leave 5 or more sprouts on your potatoes, but if you want large ones, remove the sprouts until there are only 3 per potato. You can also cut it in pieces, leaving one sprout per piece.

This is one of the easiest potato germination processes available. And it will be great for you to start growing potatoes at home; something that, you will see, is not as complicated as you might think.

Of course, if you have access to seed potatoes, you can also try to germinate them and get the sprouts that you will then plant in pots or soil. Plant potatoes without fear!

sprout potatoes

How to Grow Sprouted Potatoes

One of the easiest ways of how to sow seedless potatoes is to take advantage of a sprouted potato, this way you avoid the sprouting process and you only have to start with the potato sowing following the same steps detailed above.

The soil for potatoes must be fertile. They require aerated soils, rich in organic matter, well-drained, and at least 24” (60 cm) deep, they adapt to both dry land and pots, so you do not need much space to have a potato plant. If you decide to do it in soil, without pots you should introduce the potatoes with distances of 8” (20 cm).

Potato sowing time is spring for temperate climates and late winter in warm climates. But how many potatoes does a plant give? Well, it depends on many factors, the climate, the plant, the care, but it can produce from 2 to 10 potatoes, although in optimal conditions it can reach the incredible amount of 20 tubers.

– The sowing process is very simple, introduce the potato between 2” and 4” (5 and 10 cm) under the soil with the sprouts upwards.

– Then water a little every day and with the time you will see that the plant will develop. Potatoes grow underground, so it will be a surprise until the time of the potato harvest how much and how big your production will be.

It is part of the popular wisdom that sprouted or green potatoes should not be eaten, as they contain solanine which can be very toxic, even in small amounts. But don’t be alarmed if you remove the green or sprouted part you can eat it without any problem… or you can take advantage of those sprouts to have your potato plant.

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Care Potato Plant

Like all plants, the potato requires some special care, there are not many and it is an interesting crop for those who begin to enter the world of vegetable gardens.

Eliminate weeds: In this way, you will avoid pests, diseases and that other plants consume the nutrients that should go to the potato. The same happens with the old and/or sick leaves of the potato plant.

Weekly watering: You should keep the soil moist but not saturate the soil, your potatoes could rot and it will be a disappointment to go to harvest and not be able to enjoy them.

Grow aromatic plants: This way you will avoid diseases and pests, mint and rosemary are some of the outstanding options.

Cover them if necessary: If you notice that the potatoes are growing above the surface, cover them with soil, they should always grow underneath.

You already know how to sow seedless potatoes and their care, now you only have to wait between 3 and 5 months after sowing, you will notice that the leaves turn yellow, at that moment you should stop watering and wait between 5 and 10 days to harvest.

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