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How to Grow Jalapenos from Seeds – Ultimate Guide

Growing your jalapenos is both fun and beneficial, as they add a ton of flavor to any dish and are super easy to grow. Today we’ll show you how to grow jalapenos from seeds right in your garden or in a pot or container. Jalapenos start slow, but once they start growing, there’s no stopping them!

How to Grow Jalapenos from Seeds in a Pot

As seedbeds, you can use any disposable container you have at home, plastic bottles, yogurt pots, or any other similar. On the other hand, for the seedlings, it is better to use clay pots because they facilitate drainage and air circulation. Another key ingredient is light. Jalapenos, like all other plants of this genus, need the more sun the better. The minimum is about 8-10 hours of sun each day.

Nor should we forget about the substrate. They are plants that need soils rich in organic matter and well-drained. For their fertilization, we will need an organic formula type 10-10-10 NPK. The seedbed can be started 8-10 weeks before the last expected frost.

It is best to start your jalapenos indoors and then transplant them outdoors after 8-12 weeks.

While outdoors, keep jalapeno seedlings moist. But don’t over-water them.

Keep them warm and in a sunny spot such as a south-facing window.

Once all danger in the spring snow has passed, you can transplant the seedlings outdoors in the garden or a pot.

Choose a sunny spot as chiles love the sun and grow best when warm.

Add mushroom compost or any organic fertilizer to your potting soil.

Place each plant about 14-16 inches apart and 2-3 feet apart between rows.

The plants will eventually grow about 3 feet tall!

how to grow jalapenos from seeds

How to Care for Jalapenos Plant

Jalapenos love water, so be sure to keep the soil moist at all times. But keep in mind, you also don’t want to over-water as you can flood the plant and cause root rot. Learn more about how often to water jalapeno plants in pots.

Water inter-daily or every three days depending on the weather.

Give your jalapeno plant a good fertilizer and keep them free of weeds.

Harvest Jalapenos

In 3 to 4 months, your jalapeno should be ripe and ready to pick!

You will know when they are ready to harvest once they are 4-6 inches tall when they are firm and have a bright green color.

Enjoy your home-grown jalapenos!!.

harvest jalapenos

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