How to Grow Radish – Step by Step

Radish is one of the vegetables that grow faster and in small spaces. Its characteristic spicy flavor is very good to accompany salads, soups, pickles, stews, and decorations. It is a good source of antioxidants and vitamin C, it has antioxidants properties, controls blood pressure, cleanses the kidneys and urinary tract. Growing organic radish at home is a fun way to learn about the growth cycle of plants. Learn all about how to grow radish step by step in this article.

This plant is native to China and quickly spread throughout the world. The radish growing cycle, from planting to harvest, is approximately 3-6 weeks, depending on the variety. The seeds are circular, dark brown in color, with a diameter of 0.19″ (5 mm). This crop prefers cool climates.

How to Grow Radish

They can be planted in spring, summer, and fall. It does not need a transplant, so the place where we sow it will be where it will develop until its harvest. They grow well in soil or containers with a minimum depth of 4″ (10 cm).

radish seeds

Use nutrient-rich and organic soil that has good drainage. For sowing, you can make small furrows 0.4-0.6″(1-1.5 cm) deep and with a distance of 3-5″ (8-12 cm) between them, depending on the size of the variety. Place 1 seed every 2 Inch (5 cm) and cover with soil or mixture. Water immediately after sowing, do not let the soil lose moisture.

Care Radish

The seedling will emerge approximately 3 days after sowing. The first leaves will have a heart shape. When our radishes have grown a little, it is sometimes necessary to cover them with a little soil so that they develop better. Fertilize with organic soil your plants 15 days after planting to provide more nutrients and promote growth. Always keep weed-free.

radishes sprouts
Radishes sprouts.

The watering will depend on the weather, the important thing is that the soil should never lose its moisture. If the irrigation is in excess, we can cause diseases, rot, or the radish to break. On the contrary, if the watering is minimal, its flavor will be spicier.

Harvest Radish

To know if our radishes are ready, we must remove a little soil around the plant to check its size. To get them out of the ground we must take all the leaves and get our radish. If the soil is compressed it can take a bit of work, we can help ourselves with a transplanting shovel.

harvested radishes
Harvested radishes

When they are small and freshly harvested, they have a less spicy flavor and a greater amount of nutrients.

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