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How to Grow Acorn Squash in a Pot

Acorn squash is a very tasty and easy-to-grow squash. One advantage of the acorn squash is that it can be planted in pots, with the right soil and pot you can have your acorn squash in a pot. Continue reading to learn how to grow acorn squash in a pot.

This variety of squash is classified as winter squash due to the hardness of the skin. Once harvested, acorn squash can be stored for a long time in a suitable place. In this article, I will also teach you how and when to harvest acorn squash to store it as long as possible.

Soil and Pot Requirements for Acorn Squash in a Pot

Before explaining how to grow acorn squash in a pot I must tell you the type of soil and pot you will need for acorn squash to develop properly. It is essential to use the right substrate and pot so that the acorn squash plant provides abundant fruit.

For potted acorn squash, use soil rich in nutrients and good drainage. The soil must have good drainage because otherwise fungal diseases or root rot may appear. You can use well-draining potting soil or prepare your soil mix. The ideal pH for growing acorn squash in a pot is between 6 and 7. I recommend reading our article on how to measure soil pH.

The pot for growing acorn squash should be large to allow the plant to develop properly. Use a pot that is at least 12” (30 cm) deep and 24” (60 cm) wide. The most important thing is that the pot is wide because the roots of the acorn squash do not need so much depth, but they grow a lot laterally.

I recommend using a trellis in the pot so that the acorn squash has support and can develop properly. Make sure the pot has enough drainage holes to prevent diseases in the acorn squash.

How to Grow Acorn Squash in a Pot

How to Grow Acorn Squash in a Pot? Acorn squash does not tolerate frost so the best time to start growing acorn squash is when the risk of frost has passed in your region. You can start growing acorn squash indoors earlier. Check your local calendar to verify when the last frost will be in your region. Usually, by mid-spring, there is no longer a risk of frost, and you can start growing acorn squash in pots.

Use quality acorn squash seeds to obtain a high germination rate. Plant acorn squash seeds 0.5” (1 cm) deep. Acorn squash seeds need a temperature of at least 60 °F (15 °C) to germinate. After 1 to 2 weeks, you will see the seedlings start to grow. If the pot has the dimensions mentioned above, plant no more than 1 to 2 seeds per pot.

You can also repot the seedlings into a larger pot when they are at least 3” (8 cm) tall. The main thing when growing acorn squash in a pot is that the pot is large enough for the plant to develop and has a trellis for support. Locate the pot in a place where the plant receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.

Acorn squash plants are heavy feeders and need regular fertilizing. Apply a balanced water-soluble fertilizer every 2–3 weeks, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

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how to grow acorn squash in a pot
How to Grow Acorn Squash in a Pot? To grow acorn squash in pots you should use a large pot to allow the plant to develop.

Watering Acorn Squash in a Pot

Acorn squash thrives in soil that has good drainage and is maintained in a consistently moist state, without becoming waterlogged or soaking. The amount of water needed to achieve this result may vary based on the type of soil you have.

Potted acorn squash needs to be watered more constantly than those planted in the garden. Check that the soil is dry before watering, you can check it with a moisture meter or by inserting a stick in the soil and if you see the first few inches of moisture it does not need water.

Tips for Growing Acorn Squash in Pot

Here are some tips for growing acorn squash in a pot:

Choose a large pot: Acorn squash plants have a sprawling habit and require a lot of space for their roots to spread out.

Use quality soil: Fill your pot with well-draining, high-quality potting soil that has a balanced composition of organic matter, nutrients, and minerals.

Provide adequate water: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged.

Give it enough light: Acorn squash needs plenty of sunlight to grow, so choose a location that gets at least 6–8 hours of direct sunlight each day.

Support the plant: As the squash plant grows, it may become too heavy for its stem to support the weight of the fruit. Use a trellis, stake, or cage to provide support for the stems and fruit.

By following these tips, you can successfully grow acorn squash in a pot and enjoy a bountiful harvest of sweet and flavorful fruit.

tips for growing acorn squash in a pot
Tips for Growing Acorn Squash in Pot.

How to Harvest Acorn Squash

How to Harvest Acorn Squash? Depending on climatic factors, irrigation and the quality of the soil that I provide the acorn squash will be able to harvest its fruits after 85 to 90 days approximately. One acorn squash plant will yield approximately 6 to 8 squashes.

Look at the squash, and you will see that its skin is hard. When ripe, acorn squash measures between 5″ and 8″ (13 to 20 cm) in diameter. You will also notice that as the fruit ripens the plant begins to dry out. To learn more about acorn squash harvesting, I recommend you read our article on when is acorn squash ready to harvest.

Final Conclusions

In conclusion, growing acorn squash in a pot requires careful consideration of several factors, including the size of the pot, the quality of the soil, and the amount of water and sunlight. Fertilizing your squash plant will also favor fruit development.

In addition, it is important to provide adequate support for the plant and watch for any signs of pest damage. By following these guidelines, you can grow healthy, productive acorn squash plants in a pot.

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