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How Long Do Corn Take to Grow – Information

The time it takes for corn to grow is very variable, it depends on several factors such as water, climate, pests, and many other things. That’s why in this article we will explain to you all about how long do corn take to grow.

The whole process of corn growth takes approximately 90 to 100 days. Here we explain it in detail so that your corn will grow in that time.

How Long Will It Take Corn to Emerge

The estimated time for corn to begin to emerge is about ten to twelve days. The first thing to do after sowing is to water adequately to allow the soil to settle and the seeds to begin to germinate.

Corn requires frequent watering, but not too much. The amount of water you need will depend on whether you have picked the flowers or if the flowers are still budding.

In the first few weeks after sowing, water should be watered regularly to keep the soil moisture constant. It is not necessary to waterlog the soil, as this will destroy the crop. If corn is not watered properly, it can cause disease.

Nitrogen is a fundamental nutrient for the corn crop, so it is good to add nitrogen to the soil or to grow green beans, for example, to help fix nitrogen.

corn take to emerge

How Long Do Corn Take to Grow

When the corn reaches a height of approximately 10” to 12” (25 cm to 30 cm) we will leave the plants that are in better condition, the remaining plants will be discarded. Strong and healthy corn will help to avoid future diseases and pests.

Once the corn begins to grow some flowers we should water abundantly at this stage. At this time the corn plant will demand more water for its development since its stalk and leaves are made up of a lot of water.

If other small plants appear around our corn, we should remove them, since they will take away nutrients that the corn needs for correct development. Also, these weeds can bring pests and plagues to our corn crop.

When the main stalk begins to grow some roots, known as auxiliary roots, we will place more soil around the stalk, with this technique we will give stability to the corn plant.

Learn more about how to grow corn step by step.

how long do corn take to grow

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