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Growing Cilantro from Seed – Fast Method

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Today we will teach you how to plant cilantro from seeds. You will learn how to grow this herb to spice up your meals and give it that unique and rich flavor that cilantro provides. Learn all about growing cilantro from seed in this article.

Growing Cilantro from Seed

We will explain step-by-step everything about the cultivation of cilantro.

1- Choose a suitable pot. It should be at least 18″ (45 cm) wide and 8″-10″ (20-25 cm) deep. It is not good to repot cilantro, so the pot has to be large enough so that it can grow it without problems.

2- Sowing the seeds. Fill the pot with fast-draining soil. If you wish, you can add a little fertilizer. Water the soil with a little water so that it is just moist, but not boggy. Sprinkle the seeds gently over the soil so they spread evenly. Cover with a thin layer of soil.

3- Put the pot in a sunny spot. Cilantro needs a lot of suns to grow, so place it in a window so that it enjoys as much sunlight as possible. After 7 to 10 days the seeds will germinate.

4- Maintain moisture. With the help of a sprayer, gently water the soil. If you water it roughly, the seeds may move out of place.

By following the above steps your cilantro will grow properly and in a short time you will have an excellent cilantro crop at home.

growing cilantro seeds
Cilantro seeds.

Harvest Cilantro

When the stems are 4″ to 6″ (10 to 15 cm) tall, they are ready to be harvested. Cut off two-thirds of the leaves each week, as this encourages the plant to continue growing.

I recommend cutting it and consuming it, as it is not very good to cut and store cilantro, the flavor will not be the same as when it is freshly cut from our urban garden.

cilantro flower
Cilantro flower.

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