How to Grow Garlic from a Clove – Ultimate Guide

Garlic is widely used for medicinal purposes and there are even many studies that indicate that regular consumption of garlic provides us with cardiovascular benefits, as well as other medicinal properties. Learn all about how to grow garlic from a clove and more.

Sowing Garlic from a Clove

Sowing takes place during the beginning of winter, from December to January, although in some places it is sown even in late autumn.

Garlic is bothered by high temperatures in the leaf formation stage, these developing negatively if we exceed 60 °F (16 °C); on the other hand, it paralyzes its growth below 32 °F (0 ° C). It is, therefore, a suitable vegetable for cultivation in the middle of winter.

If the temperature exceeds 77 °F (25 ° C) the bulb will not develop.

Garlic bulbs or also called “cloves” are planted directly in the ground. They should be inserted into holes 1″ (2.5 cm) deep. You have to put the “cloves” with the pointed edge facing the sky. In a vegetable garden we plant each tooth with a separation of 6″ (15 cm)

In about 7 – 8 months, if conditions are good, the garlic crop will have had the necessary growth time to develop fully.

garlic clove

How to Grow Garlic from a Clove: Care

The garlic plant loves the sun, it also likes moist soils, that is why it is recommended to water with a frequency that allows the soil to always be moist, this will depend on our climatic condition.

Be careful since the lack of moisture can make the garlic grow very small. But the excess of humidity can favor the appearance of diseases.

garlic plant

Harvest Garlic

They are pulled off when the leaves of the plant have withered. They are left to dry in the sun for a few days and then braided. The braid is hung in a dry and airy place, this will help preservation.

It is important for the conservation of the garlic heads to keep them in a dry place with good ventilation. Garlic heads can be stored for about a year, depending on growing and storage conditions. Loose teeth and damaged heads don’t last long.