Japanese Maple Care Instructions

japanese maple care instructions

The Japanese maple is one of the undisputed stars of gardens, green spaces, and even balconies throughout the world. Its characteristic webbed leaves, which turn warm and striking shades of red in autumn, are its best known and most appreciated signature, which is why it is also often chosen to give life and charm to

Japanese Maple Pruning – Step by Step

japanese maple pruning

They are one of the most loved trees by plant lovers. Their leaves give that oriental touch that is so popular in gardens and, also, they do not need a lot of care. In this article, we will explain all about Japanese maple pruning successfully. Japanese maples, whose scientific name is Acer palmatum, are deciduous

How to Care for Eucalyptus – Ultimate Guide

how to care for eucalyptus ultimate guide

Its great aroma and its medicinal properties are two great motivations to learn about the process of how to plant eucalyptus. This plant belongs to the Eucalyptus genus, a group of trees that are cultivated for forestry purposes since they offer good quality wood. Learn all about How to Care for Eucalyptus in this article.

How Keep Christmas Tree Fresh – Guide

christmas tree alive

If you have not yet bought your Christmas tree or if you have already bought it and want to keep it as fresh as possible until January 6, these tips can be very useful. Learn all about how to keep Christmas tree alive in this post. Tips to Make a Christmas Tree Last Longer 1.

Evergreen Trees for Landscaping Guide

evergreen trees perennials

Evergreen trees, also called perennials, are great: they allow us to have a garden protected from the direct sun all year round, and with them, we are guaranteed the privacy and security that we all want to possess in our green paradises. This our evergreen trees for landscaping guide. Therefore, we have selected for you

How to Grow Meyer Lemon Tree in a Pot

how to grow meyer lemon tree in a pot

Having a potted Meyer lemon tree at home is wonderful, although can be a little challenging when growing from seeds. In this article, I summarize all the tips you need to learn how to grow Meyer lemon tree in a pot, when is the best time to grow it, and how to grow it from

How to Grow a Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree

The lemon tree is one of the most cultivated fruit trees in the temperate and warm regions of the world. The lemon tree is an evergreen tree that reaches a height of 16-19 ft (5-6 meters). Learn more about How to grow lemon tree in this guide. It is sensitive to cold, if in winter