Aloe perfoliata Care and Propagation (Aloe mitriformis)

aloe perfoliata care and propagation

Aloe perfoliata is also known as Aloe mitriformis, Aloe distant and Aloe nobilis. The succulent plant Aloe perfoliata is a blue-green aloe composed of clusters of small rosettes, forming small colonies along the ground as it grows. In this article, learn about Aloe perfoliata care and propagation methods. Despite its appearance Aloe perfoliata, lance-shaped leaves

Aloe aculeata – Ultimate Guide

aloe aculeata ultimate guide

Lately, I feel very attracted to this type of aloe with large thorns, as they remind me of dry desert landscapes, where only the strongest can adapt and survive. Learn all about Aloe aculeata in this post. In particular, this variety of aloe has some characteristic spikes not only on the edges of the leaves,

String of Dolphins Plant Care – Ultimate Guide

string of dolphins succulent

Senecio Peregrinus Care How To Revive String Of Dolphins String of Dolphins Indoor Senecio Peregrinus, also known as String of Dolphins or the Dolphin Plant is a succulent with a characteristic leaf shape that gives it its name. Although it is relatively easy to take care of String of Dolphin, it is necessary to distinguish

How to Care for Kalanchoe – High Rate of Success

how to care for kalanchoe high rate of success

In the world of botany, there are enigmas. There are plant species with peculiar qualities that break the rules established by most of their sisters. Issues such as flowering time, plant growth, propagation, or reproduction are inconsistent in some bushes. For this reason, lovers of extravagant flowers are always on the lookout for these specimens

Succulent Toxic to Cats – Keep your Cat Safe

succulent toxic to cats keep your cat safe

Many succulents are poisonous to cats. Today I share with you a list of some of these plants. Learn all about succulent toxic to cats in this article. Are Succulents Toxic for Cats Not all succulents are toxic to pets.  But, some of the succulents I share with you today are grown indoors without knowing

Echeveria Hybrid Perle Von Nurnberg – Ultimate Guide

echeveria hybrid perle von nurnberg ultimate guide

Echeveria Hybrid Perle Von Nurnberg is one of the most famous and beautiful succulent hybrids. It is a hybrid between Echeveria gibbiflora “Metallica” and Echeveria potosina created by the German Alfred Gräser. This delicate echeveria has stylized rosettes up to 8” (20 cm) in diameter and fleshy blue-green leaves that change color when it receives