Echeveria runyonii cultivar Care – Guide

echeveria runyonii cultivar care guide

This time I want to tell you about an Echeveria that stands out for the beauty of its colors and the size that can reach its rosette, so let’s know the care of the beautiful Echeveria runyonii cultivar. Learn all about Echeveria runyonii cultivar care in this article. Before I start I want to clarify

Sempervivum calcareum Care (houseleek)

sempervivum calcareum care houseleek

For those who are beginners, there are some ideal succulents for them, this succulent is one of them, although it seems delicate for its beauty, it is a plant that does not require much care and is perfect for you to start your garden, we refer to the Sempervivum calcareum commonly known as houseleek. Learn

Cotyledon tomentosa Care Guide – (Bear’s Paw)

cotyledon tomentosa care guide bears paw

If you already know the succulent Cotyledon tomentosa, you will know perfectly well the reason for its common name, if you still don’t know it, in this article you will and you will confirm that indeed it looks like a paw or bear’s paw, it is a beautiful succulent. Learn all about Cotyledon tomentosa care

Portulacaria afra Care – Ultimate Guide

portulacaria afra care ultimate guide

The Portulacaria afra has become very popular among people and merchants, since it is believed that the owner of one of them will never lack money at home. This succulent has become quite famous!. Learn all about Portulacaria afra care in this article. The succulent Portulacaria afra is a small plant popularly known by several

Kalanchoe pumila Care – Ultimate Guide

kalanchoe pumila care ultimate guide

One of the reasons why we are passionate about succulents is because it is such an extensive world, we never finish knowing all the plants that compose it and they never cease to surprise us. Learn all about Kalanchoe pumila care in this article. In a previous article we had written about one of the

Echeveria Pulidonis Care – Ultimate Guide

echeveria pulidonis care ultimate guide

For people who love plants it is fascinating to see how each of them has characteristics that make them unique and special, and for succulents is no exception, these plants can surprise us by the diversity that is in them. Learn all about Echeveria pulidonis care in this article. Some are very large like the

Kalanchoe Tomentosa Care – Ultimate Guide

kalanchoe tomentosa care ultimate guide

Have you ever been tempted to touch a plant because of its appearance? We have, and there are many succulents whose texture and shape make us want to get to know them by touch. Learn all about Kalanchoe tomentosa care in this article. So today we are going to learn about a beautiful succulent, not