How and When to Prune Tomato Plants Guide

how and when to prune tomato plants guide

Tomato crop management requires a series of tasks such as irrigation, fertilization, propagation, etc. However, an also effective technique to increase tomato production is to know how and when to prune tomato plants, remove excess parts, leave main stems, and regulate the energy balance of the plant. We are going to give the main tips …

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When to Prune Hibiscus for Winter

when to prune hibiscus for winter guide

Hibiscus is a shrub that is considered to be small, reaching up to 16 ft (5 m) in height, and is cultivated as an ornamental shrub. Sometimes its tender leaves are consumed as a substitute for spinach, as well as the flowers, either raw or cooked, and are also used as a colorant. Learn all …

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When to Prune Knockout Rose Bushes

when to prune knockout rose bushes guide

To have Knockout rose bushes in good condition, they should be pruned every year so that the Knockout rose bushes develop properly. In this article, we will explain when to prune Knockout rose bushes always to have the best Knockout roses. Knockout rose bushes grow easily and very fast, a friend of mine has a …

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Prune Gardenia Plants (Gardenia jasminoides): How to Prune Gardenias and When to Prune Gardenias

prune gardenia jasminoides how to prune gardenias and when to prune gardenias

Any plant for productive or ornamental use requires care that includes watering with good drainage, fertilizers, particularly plant with flowers and or fruits, and, of course, the control of its growth by pruning and trimming when is needed and at the right season of the year. Gardenia, also known as Jasmine, is not the exception. …

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