Kalanchoe Calandiva Plant (Widow’s-thrill)

kalanchoe calandiva plant widow's-thrill

Kalandiva or Kalanchoe calandiva plant, known as Widow’s-thrill plant, is a hybrid of Kalanchoe blossfelda, and belongs to the family Crassulaceae. This article summarizes how to grow and care for Kalanchoe calandiva plant (Widow’s-thrill), Caladiva propagation, and blooming troubleshooting. The Kalandiva or Widow’s-thrill plant is commonly known as Calandiva and is a perennial succulent plant

How to Care for Kalanchoe – High Rate of Success

how to care for kalanchoe high rate of success

In the world of botany, there are enigmas. There are plant species with peculiar qualities that break the rules established by most of their sisters. Issues such as flowering time, plant growth, propagation, or reproduction are inconsistent in some bushes. For this reason, lovers of extravagant flowers are always on the lookout for these specimens