How to Harvest Sunflower Seeds (Video)

how to harvest sunflower seeds

Sunflower Harvest Seeds. After approximately 45 to 60 days from sowing, the sunflower will be in bloom and reaches maturity at about 120 days. Flowering lasts for about 1 month and during that time it will be constantly visited by pollinating insects and producing the highly prized sunflower seeds. In this article, I show you

How and When to Harvest Corn

how and when to harvest corn

The days it takes to harvest corn can vary depending on the specific corn variety you are growing and the weather conditions during the season. Corn comes in different maturity types, ranging from early to late maturing. Depending on these factors, the days to harvest corn (or days to maturity) can typically go from around

How and When to Harvest Carrots (Daucus carota)

When are carrots ready to harvest? How do you know when carrots are ready to harvest? Which gardener has not experienced that, picking carrots for the first time, many problems occur?. At harvest, carrots break, are still small, it is very early or late and the carrots are filamentous and non-tasty. So, when are carrots