How and When to Harvest Japanese Eggplant

how and when to harvest japanese eggplant

The Japanese eggplant is long and thin, its shape is different from the traditional eggplant. If you are growing Japanese eggplant for the first time, you may have concerns about how and when to harvest Japanese eggplant. The most common varieties of Japanese eggplant are Orient Express and Millionaire. As mentioned earlier, Japanese eggplants are …

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When to Harvest Kabocha Squash

when to harvest kabocha squash guide

Kabocha squash is a winter squash that was developed in Japan and is widespread throughout the world. The fruits of the Kabocha squash weigh between 2 and 3 pounds (900 grams and 1400 grams). In this article, you will learn how and when to harvest Kabocha squash. The fruits of Kabocha squash are not as …

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When to Harvest Delicata Squash

when to harvest delicata squash guide

Delicata squash has a buttery flavor that makes it exquisite for many dishes. This variety of squash grows well in USDA zones 2 to 11. Delicata squash is not a difficult squash variety to grow, but the fruits should be observed well to know the correct harvest time. Learn all about when to harvest delicata …

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Do Blueberries Have Seeds?

do blueberries have seeds guide

Many people like to eat blueberries or drink blueberry juice. But also, a lot of people wonder, Do blueberries have seeds? The short answer is YES, blueberries have seeds. In this article, I will provide information about blueberries seeds and also how to grow blueberries from seeds. There are two types of blueberry plants, lowbush …

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How and When to Prune Tomato Plants Guide

how and when to prune tomato plants guide

Tomato crop management requires a series of tasks such as irrigation, fertilization, propagation, etc. However, an also effective technique to increase tomato production is to know how and when to prune tomato plants, remove excess parts, leave main stems, and regulate the energy balance of the plant. We are going to give the main tips …

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