Gymnocalycium Cacti: How to Grow and Care

gymnocalycium cacti how to grow and care

Gymnocalycium is small, easy-to-care-for cacti that, despite their small size, have enormous decorative potential thanks to their showy flowers. Since they are undemanding in their care and can be grown in almost any corner, they are very popular for decorating all kinds of spaces. If you want to learn about the care of Gymnocalycium to …

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Why Is My Cactus Turning Yellow?

why is my cactus turning yellow

You’ve wondered why your cactus turning yellow. You’ve been taking care of it and from one day to the next, it dawns yellow. I’ll give you some helpful tips so you can diagnose what’s happening to it. Why Is My Cactus Turning Yellow? Burn from too much sun exposure Etiolation from lack of sunlight Rot …

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Christmas Cactus Propagation Step by Step

christmas cactus propagation cuttings

The so-called Christmas cactus is a wonderfully succulent plant of Brazilian origin that belongs to the genus Schlumbergera, also called Ephiphyllum; there are six species of Schlumbergera, all characterized by their winter flowering, short stems and long branches. Learn more about the propagation of the Christmas cactus. The leaves are usually dark in color but …

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