How to Grow Crocus – Ultimate Guide

how to grow crocus ultimate guide

Crocus is fall bulbs that are usually planted massively. The reason is very simple, planted in groups they offer a spectacle of flowering, but in solitary, they pass very unnoticed because they are very small plants, and with flowers according to their size. Learn all about how to grow Crocus in this article. Along with …

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How to Grow Freesia – Ultimate Guide

how to grow freesia ultimate guide

The wonderful thing about planting freesia bulbs in the garden is that early we will have a wonderful amount of fragrant flowers, announcing the beginning of spring. Learn all about how to grow freesia in this article. They are delicate, elegant, and subtly perfumed flowers, they are very appreciated as cut flowers, although they are …

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How to Grow Daylilies (Hemerocallis) – Guide

how to grow daylilies hemerocallis guide

The Daylilies, receive several very original vulgar names, such as Turkish lily, St. John’s lily, or morning flower. Learn all about how to grow Daylilies in this article. Although distantly related to the lilies, they do not belong to the lily family and therefore are neither lilies nor lilies. The common name that best fits …

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How to Grow Agapanthus – Ultimate Guide

how to grow agapanthus ultimate guide

Agapanthus is popularly known as the flower of love, although it also receives other common names such as African lily. Learn all about how to grow Agapanthus in this article. Currently, there are about 395 different varieties of Agapanthus, with about 10 different types of flowers, covering a wide variety of colors and shapes. The …

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How to Grow Amaryllis Step by Step – Guide

how to grow amaryllis step by step guide

Native to southern Africa, Central, and South America, amaryllis is a herbaceous, perennial, bulbous plant that belongs to the Amaryllidaceae family. Learn all about how to grow amaryllis. The name Amaryllis means “to kindle” in the Greek language, and each of its species is beautiful and elegant. It requires patience to see it bloom and …

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Fall Bulbs – Best Bulbs to Plant in Fall

fall bulbs best bulbs to plant for fall

Fall bulbs are the first to bloom when spring arrives. So, you may be wondering why they are called fall bulbs? The answer is simple, they are called fall bulbs because fall is the time when they are planted. Some gardeners and gardens where to buy bulbs, also call them winter bulbs, because they need …

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Summer Bulbs – Best Bulbs to Plant for Summer

summer bulbs best bulbs to plant for summer

When temperatures start to rise it is time to plant the bulbs that bloom in summer, a wide range of beautiful flowers that will give life and color to our gardens, terraces, and homes. Learn all about summer bulbs in this article. Amaryllis Native to South and Central America, Hippeastrum x ackermannii is one of …

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How to Plant Gladiolus Bulbs – Ultimate Guide

how to plant gladiolus bulbs ultimate guide

The gladiolus is a typical spring bulb that blooms in summer. It is widely known as a garden flower, but undoubtedly where it is most commonly used is as a cut flower. In this article, we will explain how to plant gladiolus bulbs. Within the gladiolus genus, we can find up to 250 different species …

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What are Bulbs in Plants – Full Information

what are bulbs in plants full information

Any gardening or horticulture enthusiast will have heard the word “bulbs” mentioned hundreds of times when referring to some types of plants, both ornamental and consumer, and the fact is that bulbs are very present in our daily lives in a great diversity of forms. Do you want to know what are bulbs in plants? …

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