How to Trim an Aloe Plant Step by Step

how to trim an aloe plant

Aloe vera is one of the plants with more properties from the point of view of health so if you have decided to have one of these plants at home and use its natural gel, you can follow this step-by-step guide in which we explain how to trim an Aloe plant. The leaves of Aloe

Aloe arborescens Care and Propagation

aloe vera arborescens

Aloe arborescens has beautiful large flowers, attractive foliage, a decorative shape, and is very easy to grow. It is also a “must-have” for anyone who wants to stock their herb gardens with healing plants. Learn all about Aloe arborescens care in this article. Description Aloe arborescens develops into a multi-headed shrub 7 – 10 ft