String of Dolphins Plant from Seeds – Step by Step

How to Grow String of Dolphins Plant from Seeds

In this article we will show you how to grow String of Dolphins plant from seeds.

Senecio peregrinus, much better known as Senecio dolphin, String of Dolphins, or dolphin plant, appears to be a hybrid between Senecio rowleyanus x Senecio articulatus.

It can be grown indoors in a place with plenty of natural light.

Outdoors it is best to place it in a bright shaded area, it can withstand a few hours of the mildest sun.

Water abundantly in the warm months, waiting for the substrate to dry out between watering.

Dolphin Succulent Seeds

Where to Buy String of Dolphins Seeds

String of Dolphins seeds are not readily available in local stores, but they can be obtained from online stores such as Ebay, Amazon, etc. We recommend buying them from sellers with positive ratings.

You should propagate String of Dolphins from seed with these quality seeds (Order it here).

If you already have a String of Dolphin or know someone who does, you may be lucky and get fresh seeds.

string of dolphins seeds

How Long for Succulents Seeds to Germinate

If you purchased your String of Dolphin seeds, selected your preferred soil type, and found a suitable container to start the seeds, you are ready to begin. The steps below will outline how to sow the seeds and care for the seedlings through the first steps of their lives.

Step 1: Sowing String of Dolphins from Seeds

Now, first of all, planting your succulent seeds will not be an outdoor project. The seeds are so small that the wind can easily blow them away, so place everything on an indoor table. Placing paper towels under your “sowing station” can help if you manage to lose a few seeds along the way.

Fill the compartments of your sowing tray with vermiculite or whatever medium you choose. Then go ahead and moisten the soil, which is easy to do if you are using a propagation tray, as they tend to have a removable sub-layer that you can flood. Once the soil has been sufficiently moistened, you can sprinkle the seeds in there.

This can be done with your fingers, but some prefer to use something like a toothpick or paintbrush as the seeds are very difficult to work with. However you do it, place some seeds in each container, but don’t overdo it, as this will make repotting later very challenging.

Step 2: Placement

That’s it for the sowing process: now you just need to make sure the moisture stays in and give the seeds time to grow. If you used a regular pot, put it in a clear zip-lock bag. In the case of a propagation tray or plastic container, you can simply put the lid on and make sure it is tightly closed. Then place it under the grow light or on a window sill that gets plenty of light but not the direct sun (north or west in the northern hemisphere).

Step 3: Germination String of Dolphins

Most seeds germinate surprisingly quickly, you may see growth within a week or so if they were fresh and circumstances are favorable. Once the sprouts appear, you can remove the cover to give them fresh air, as too much moisture can cause rotting or mold problems.

They will need to be kept constantly moist at first until they establish their root systems, but as the weeks go by you can slowly reduce the frequency of watering.

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