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Propagation of Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) – Video

The Jade plant (Crassula ovata) is the kind of plant that you only need to buy once in a lifetime. From a single seedling, you will be able to give to all your friends. Today we talk about the propagation of the Jade plant.

Propagation of Jade Plant

Jade plants (Chinese Money Plant or Money Plant) are very easy to propagate, especially in summer. You may have noticed how a leaf breaks off, falls to the ground, and begins to root on its own.

The Jade plant can be propagated from cuttings or leaves. I prefer to propagate them by cuttings as the process is much faster compared to propagation by leaf.

How to Root Jade Plant

To root a Jade plant, we recommend a rooting hormone that we use on all our plants, not only on succulents (Order it here).

By using this product, you will have a better chance that the plant will root faster.

how to root jade plant

How to Propagate Jade Plant from Cuttings Step by Step

The first step in Jade plant propagation is:

Choose where you are going to cut the stem to make a new plant. Be sure to get a cutting from a few inches 3 to 5 in (8 to 13 cm) of the stem. Remove the lower leaves, this creates enough area to root the cutting. Use scissors or a clean knife. To sterilize your scissors, just wipe them with alcohol.

Allow time for your Jade plant to heal the wound. Allow the end of the cutting to dry. You should place the cutting on beads or a dry paper towel for a few days.

The larger the cut, the longer you should allow the cutting to heal. This practice will help prevent the rotting of the cutting.

How long should you wait for the cutting to heal? You will know you can move on to the next step when the cutting develops brown callus tissue.

Dip the cutting in rooting hormone (Order it here).

To make the hormone stick, moisten the cutting first. This step is optional, but it speeds up the process and has a higher success rate in propagation.

Plant your cutting. Jade succulents root best in light, sandy soil. You should use substrate for cacti and succulents, or make your mix of coarse sand, potting soil, and perlite. Do not use general gardening soil as they hold too much moisture and will rot your cuttings.

Next, make a hole in the center of the substrate and plant the Jade plant cutting. Make sure the cutting is planted deep enough to support itself. Don’t use a pot that is too large, this will cause it to retain moisture and we don’t want that.

Place the cutting in a place with good lighting, but protected from direct sun.

Do not water the Jade succulent cutting until it has roots. Just use an atomizer (spray) to moisten the soil a little. You will notice that within a month you have a new Jade plant with well-established roots.

how to propagate jade plant from cuttings

How to Grow Jade Plant from Leaves

Propagation of Jade plant by leaf is easier to do but has a higher chance of failure compared to cuttings. The steps are as follows.

Strip a leaf from the Jade plant. Younger, medium-sized leaves do better after being detached compared to older leaves. You don’t need scissors, just pull the leaf down with your hands.

Place the cut leaf in a dry area and avoid moisture as much as possible. Leave it in this area until the cut dries. This process may take several days.

Place the leaf in a well-draining substrate. As the roots grow you will notice how the leaf shrivels and begins to die. These wrinkles are a sign that the plant is absorbing moisture from the leaves due to a lack of moisture in the soil.

How to Take Care of Jade Plant

We have already explained everything about the propagation of the jade plant, now we will teach you how to take care of it correctly. Learn more about Feng Shui Plant Placement.


One of the most important things about caring for this plant is proper watering. The substrate should not be allowed to dry out completely, but avoid excess because it will cause root rot. Watering should be done when you feel that the substrate is dry to the touch. Lack of water causes the plant to lose leaves or present spots on the leaves.


Another important aspect about the care of this Jade plant is the amount of sun they receive. They require full sun to grow properly and not become stunted.


Jade plants prefer a daytime temperature of 64 to 75°F (18 to 24º C) and 50 to 55°F (10 to 13º C) at night.


It is important to fertilize your plant every six months with a balanced water-soluble fertilizer (Order it here). It is recommended to water the jade plant regularly and then use the water with the fertilizer. Do not fertilize the plant when the soil is dry because it could damage the roots.

how to care jade plant

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