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Propagating Succulents from Leaves & Cuttings

No matter how expert or inexperienced you are in growing succulent plants, this article will guide you step-by-step for propagating succulents from leaves and by cuttings.

Propagating Succulents from Leaves and by Cuttings: Step-by-Step

This process of reproducing succulents from leaves (fallen or plucked) and cuttings is known as propagation.

These two are not the only methods of multiplying your succulent plants, you can also do it through seeds or cuttings, but that will be discussed in specific articles. The most appropriate method of the reproduction will depend on a variety of succulent plants.

Although reproducing succulents is easier than other plant species, you must pay attention to a few small details to ensure the success of this operation.

Below you will learn how to propagate succulents step by step using these two methods:

1 – Propagating Succulents from Leaves, and

2 – Propagating Succulents by Cuttings

How to Reproduce Succulents by Leaves

The first step to propagate succulents by leaves is obvious, you must get one (or several) leaves from the “mother” plant! To do this you can either take healthy leaves that have fallen off the plant or carefully pull them off by twisting the leaf from the base of the plant’s stem. You must try to make the leaf fall off whole, without any piece of it sticking to the stem.

succulents from leaves and by cuttings

Put the leaves in a tray with some cactus soil or on kitchen paper. You must separate the leaves from each other so that they do not touch.

Place the tray in a place in the house where it receives indirect or partial light each day (away from direct and intense sunlight)

Wait 2 or 3 days for the leaves to heal the wound where they were torn from the stem.

When they have closed the wounds, place them on top of a pot of substrate (do not bury them, just leave them on top of the soil).

Use a water bottle with a sprayer to spray them with water every other day, or when you notice that the soil is completely dry.

succulents from cuttings leaves stem and in water

After a few weeks, the leaves will develop roots and a new rosette will begin to grow.

Once the leaf has developed roots and a new rosette (the future new plant) it is time to transplant it into a new pot. Carefully punch a hole (without pressing or burying it too deep) in a pot with cactus and succulent soil.

Water it lightly once it is transplanted and the first few days.

After a week, water it as you would any other succulent, following the “wet and dry” method.

How to Reproduce Succulents by Cuttings

With a sharp, clean knife or scissors cut a piece of stem or branch from the plant you want to clone.

Let the cutting heal for a few days in a place that receives indirect light and away from the sun and intense heat.

by cuttings stem

Unlike leaf reproduction, the cutting should be placed directly in a pot with cactus and succulent substrate. It is not necessary to bury it deeply, just make a hole and place the stem inside.

propagating succulents from leaves and by cuttings

Water it slightly once a week (just enough to wet the soil surface), for 3 to 5 weeks.

During that time, new roots will develop and you will have your new succulent plant.

Learn more about Succulent Propagation.

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