How to Propagate String of Dolphins

Propagating the Succulent String of Dolphins

Learning to propagate the String of Dolphins plants is a simple and cost-effective way to grow your collection without spending a lot of money. In this article, we explain everything about how to propagate String of Dolphins succulent through the 2 essential types of propagation.

The meaning of “propagation” is the act of taking one part or piece of an adult succulent plant and using that piece to grow a new plant.

The two basic methods of propagating succulents String of Dolphins plants are: by using the scions (seedlings) that grow at the base of some species, through leaf cuttings (or whole leaves), and by cutting off pieces of stems or branches of the plant.

Succulent propagation is relatively easy. However, to propagate the String of Dolphins plants is more difficult to propagate than others. Take a look at the 2 basic methods for propagation of String of Dolphins plants to decide which method you would like to try!

string of dolphins succulent

How to Propagate from Leaves

Propagation from whole leaves or leaf cuttings consists of pulling or cutting a lively and healthy leaf from a mature succulent String of Dolphins plant and using it to grow a “new” young replacement plant.

This method of propagation works well with String of Dolphins that have thick, fleshy leaves because the leaves are easy to tug off cleanly.

This is the process:

Firstly, with a sterile knife (disinfected prior to using alcohol), you ought to remove a healthy leaf from the bottom of the plant, ensuring you pull out an entire leaf without damaging it or leaving a bit stuck to the stem.


Once removed, let the leaf heal the wound by placing it in a place where it receives indirect light for two or 3 days. Once the leaf has made “callus”, prepare a good tray or pot with a mix of soil for cactus and succulents, wet the soil, and place the leaf on top of the soil without burying it, just leaving it on top.

After that, use a bottle with a sprayer to spray the leaves when the soil is dry make certain to stay the leaves in a warm place with much bright light. Shouldn’t be the direct sun. They have to be kept moist and warm.

In about three or four weeks, small roots and leaves will begin to sprout! It can take a couple of months before a String of Dolphins becomes large enough to be transplanted into its final pot. Be patient and let time go by to have a new plant with strong roots before transplanting it.

string of dolphins

When’s the Time to Transfer String of Dolphins seedling into a New Pot?

You’ll know it is time to transplant it because the “mother” leaf will turn brown and fall off. This suggests that the succulent has taken all the nutrients from the leaf and not needs them. A new String of Dolphins arises!

Propagating String of Dolphins by Cuttings

Stem cut propagation works best with plants that have “branches” or rosette-shaped succulents of String of Dolphins that have grown an extended stem.

This process is most successful if done when the succulent is close to beginning its active growing period, either at the top of a dormant period (usually winter months) or at the start of a growing period (usually spring months) to offer the succulent the simplest chance of survival.

To make a correct cut of the String of Dolphins with branches, you’ll need a sterile knife or sharp scissors.

Choose a stem that’s relatively short to make sure that it’s active and growing. Hold the stem as on the brink of the bottom as possible, and use the knife or scissors to form a clean cut.

string of dolphins succulent

If the cutting is broken during the method, you’ll probably need a replacement cut. The branch will be got to heal for about four days before it is often replanted.

Unlike leaf reproduction, the cutting should be placed directly into a pot with cactus and succulent substrate. It’s not necessary to bury it deeply, just make a hole and place the stem inside.

Water the cuttings slightly once every week (just enough to wet the soil surface), for 3 to five weeks. It should receive many indirect lights.

Rosette-shaped succulents of the String of Dolphins can also be propagated with stem cuttings once they start to grow an extended stem. This usually happens once they’re old plants or once they receive little light. The plant tries to succeed in the sunshine creating this extended stem.

Remember, it always takes a little time at first to get things to work out the way you want them to. So, be patient. The more you practice, the more likely you are to succeed.

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Where to Buy String of Dolphins Plant?

If you still don’t have your String of Dolphins or you didn’t get the cuttings, these are the sellers we recommend you to buy your String of Dolphins and start propagating it yourself.

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