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How To Propagate String of Bananas – Step by Step

String of Bananas (Senecio radicans) is another succulent in the Senecio family that is perfect for hanging pots. Like the other Senecios, it is a very easy plant to care for at home. It is easy to grow and hard to kill. Learn all about How to Propagate String of Bananas in this article.

Being related to the String of Pearls, they have a similar appearance. Instead of pearls, Senecio radicans has very peculiar leaves shaped like miniature bananas, hence its common name String of Bananas. Its leaves are a vibrant green when in bright sunlight.

The flowers of this plant are small in size, white or off-white, with a delicious smell. But the best part is that they can bloom more than once a year.

Propagate String of Bananas: Materials

To propagate string of bananas we will need the following things:

String of bananas (Senecio radicans).

Sharp scissors.

Alcohol (We will use it to disinfect the scissors).

A new pot with soil for succulents.

cutting string of bananas

How to Propagate String of Bananas Step by Step

1- We take the scissors and disinfect them with alcohol to avoid diseases in the plant.

2- Choose the stem from which you will take cuttings. It should be at least 4” (10 cm) long and you will probably have to remove the leaves from the bottom of the plant.

3- Place cuttings in succulent soil. As I said before, if the lower part of the plant has leaves, remove them to be able to plant it correctly.

Another option is to place the stems in water, but I prefer the soil method and it is the one that has given me the most success.

4- Do not overwater, wait for the soil to dry out before watering again. In about a month the plant will already have an adequate root. If you opted for the water method, you may get roots a little earlier than in soil.

We hope you will be able to propagate your String of Bananas easily. As a final tip, you can use a rooting hormone to help the growth process.

string of bananas propagation

Learn more about String of Bananas Care.

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