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How to Propagate Aeonium Sunburst – Step by Step

Aeonium Sunburst is a succulent plant with the appearance of a small miniature tree and very attractive leaves. This plant does not require great care and its propagation is very simple, that is why in this article we will explain to you how to propagate aeonium sunburst.

The plant reaches 30 inches (76 cm) tall and has rosettes that can measure 10 inches (25 cm) across. The color of the leaves is light yellow with green in the center of each leaf. With the right amount of sun, the rosettes turn pink around the edges. The rosettes sit on half-inch long gray stems.

How to Care for Aeonium Sunburst

Like its relatives, the aeonium sunburst is very easy to care for.

The plant needs a well-drained substrate. A special substrate for succulents will be ideal for this succulent, you can buy it or make the substrate yourself.

It is a plant moderately resistant to temperature, although not too extreme climates. It prefers “semi-shade” instead of direct sun. An excess of the direct sun makes the plant dry out quickly.

In addition, in winter it is important to protect it from rain and frost. A dry environment is preferable to prevent rotting.

In summary, follow these steps to care for your aeonium sunburst:

Watering: abundant but infrequent watering. The substrate should always dry completely before watering again.

Humidity: Excessive humidity causes the plant to rot, especially in winter.

Light: It needs enough hours of light. It is advisable to have it in “semi-shade”, where it does not receive direct light most of the day.

how to care of aeonium sunburst

How to Propagate Aeonium Sunburst Step by Step

Aeonium sunburst like other succulents can be easily propagated by cuttings. Follow these simple steps to find out how to propagate aeonium sunburst.

It is most practical to cut a hole rosette with a few inches/centimeters of the stem. It is always advisable to use a sharp tool to make a clean cut. Be sure to disinfect the tool before cutting.

Before planting, wait a few days for the cutting to dry and form a callus at the cutting site. This prevents the plant from absorbing excess water and prevents rotting.

You can plant the cutting in the recommended substrate, water lightly, and do not water again until the substrate is completely dry.

Remember that the aeonium sunburst is a monocarpic plant, that is, it dies after flowering.

We hope you have success with the propagation of your aeonium sunburst.

how to propagate aeonium sunburst

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