Feng Shui Plant Placement: Strategic Allies

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Boost your positive energy and wealth by knowing what plants are the best for the Feng Shui discipline and which ones you should get rid of right now!. Learn all about Feng Shui plant placement in this article. Also, I share how to balance the energy by correctly placing Feng Shui plants at home, in

Best Plants for Kitchen Ultimate Guide

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Besides the kitchen should be a practical and functional place, we need the kitchen to be a welcoming place. The kitchen is a meeting point, a meeting place for family and friends where share daily stories and prepare new dishes as a gratifying activity for many. Kitchen plants are key to transform and create a

How to Make a Carved Halloween Pumpkin Last Longer


Whether it’s for Fall or Halloween decoration, we all want perfect pumpkins, especially after laborious carving. Nothing more disappointing than a failed decoration on Halloween night, with deformed, half-rotting pumpkins. Learn all about how to make a Halloween pumpkin last longer in this article. Carved Halloween pumpkins can begin to deteriorate and rot within a

How to Grow Broad Beans in the Garden

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Broad beans (Fava Beans) and potatoes are very important for anyone seeking self-sustainability. Originally from the Middle East, Broad beans have been consumed for thousands of years in Mediterranean countries and their cultivation has spread to warm climate areas around the world. Lear more about how to grow broad beans. They can be planted in

How to Plant Lupine Seeds – Step by Step


Lupine flowers, also known by their scientific name Lupinus polyphyllus is a plant native to the northwestern part of the United States. From there it has spread to a large part of the world for its great ornamental qualities. Learn all about how to plant Lupine seeds in this article. Lupine is a legume that

How to Grow Lavender in a Pot from Seed


Lavender is a whole genus of plants that includes about 60 species and belongs to the family Lamiaceae. It is a perennial shrub and an aromatic plant very popular both for its pleasant smell, used in all kinds of products and perfumes, and for its characteristic violet or lilac color. If you also like this

How to Grow Meyer Lemon Tree in a Pot

how to grow meyer lemon tree in a pot

Having a potted Meyer lemon tree at home is wonderful, although can be a little challenging when growing from seeds. In this article, I summarize all the tips you need to learn how to grow Meyer lemon tree in a pot, when is the best time to grow it, and how to grow it from