How to Grow Oregano – Step by Step

how to grow oregano step by step

In this article we will talk about how to grow oregano, being this plant part of the Origanum family, being the most used oregano cultivar Origanum vulgare. This plant can reach a height of 8” to 31” (20 cm to 80 cm), being the conditions in which it is cultivated the great responsible for the

How to Prune Bonsai – Ultimate Guide

how to prune bonsai ultimate guide

How to prune bonsai, is an excellent idea, since this procedure should not be done lightly, it is important to take into account that bonsais have the particularity of being controlled in size by pruning their roots. However, it is essential the time or season in which it is done, they enter a resting stage

How to Plant Cherry Tomatoes – Step by Step

how to grow cherry tomato step by step

Cherry tomatoes come from a small plant that grows and ripens quickly. They are easy to care for and produce their harvest in a few weeks. Planting this plant is a fairly simple activity that can be done in both vegetable gardens and pots. However, for you to be successful you must make sure you

How to Plant Tomato Seeds – Step by Step

how to grow tomato plant step by step

The tomato whose scientific name is Solanum lycopersicum and was formerly known as Lycopersicon esculentum, is one of the most cultivated varieties of fruit around the world, being many species that vary in shape, size, color, and flavor, it is for this reason that many people are wondering how to plant tomatoes, later we will

How to Care for Mimosa Pudica – Ultimate Guide

mimosa pudica care ultimate guide

The world of plants and vegetables is full of curiosities. One of them that we may have seen in many videos but did not know its name is Mimosa pudica, commonly known as “sleepy plant” or “sensitive plant”. Learn all about how to care for mimosa pudica in this guide. The curiosity of this name

How to Care for Lithops – Ultimate Guide

how to care for lithops ultimate guide

Learn How to Care for Lithops Succulent Plants Lithops, commonly called “Living Stones” or “Stone Plants”, are succulent plants that developed an incredible mimicry to avoid being eaten by predators. Learn all about How to Care for Lithops in this article. What are Lithops Lithops are succulent plants and desert plants, native to South Africa,

How to Repot Succulents – Ultimate Guide

how to repot succulents step by step

Just as a child’s foot grows and you have to change the size of the shoes, similarly when a succulent grows, we must transplant it. Today we show you when and how to repot succulents step by step. How and When to Repot Succulents Let’s talk first about when to repot succulents. We might think